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Scary letters lead to academic inadequacy

People of the world are developing anxiety and fears over situations that should not create these feelings. Almost everything around the world seems to generate some form of negative response from people all over. Recently, I read an article about students having a fear of capital letters. Apparently, these big, bold,

Don’t you dare Thanksgiving detox

After a holiday like Thanksgiving, feasters often feel like they owe their bodies an apology and fall for false detox campaigns that health “experts” make their Christmas bonuses off of. These rip-offs run rampant among college students, especially. The truth of the matter is, those considering dieting after Thanksgiving dinner either

Conquer test anxiety

Test anxiety is defined as a fear of failing that you feel before or while taking an important examination. No matter how hard you prepare for the test, somehow you just blank. Not every student gets test anxiety, but according to the American Test Anxieties Association (AMTAA), 16-20% struggle with high

When the power of the pen results in murder

Words have power, and Saudi Arabia officials seem to recognize that since they killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Yes, I know that is a bold statement to make, and a dangerous one if I lived anywhere but the United States, but I truly believe that Khashoggi’s death was not unplanned. Khashoggi was

Trump sacrifices transgender rights for political gain

The Trump administration recently announced that they are considering changing their approach to how they treat transgender individuals under the law in the latest in a series of attacks on the trans community. The effort to redefine trans rights, backed by the Health and Human Services Department, would prevent gender identity

ACT scores are dropping

ACT math scores have dropped to a 20-year low, according to ACT’s annual report. The report, released Oct. 17, reveals that a mere 40 percent of graduates who took the ACT in 2018 met a benchmark demonstrating they could succeed in a freshman algebra class. That percentage is down 1 percent

Just say no

Saying “no” seems to be hard for some. Being a people-pleaser makes saying “no” seem like an impossible task. In this article, I will explain why being a people-pleaser is not the best route and why saying “no” is so important. Personally, I struggle with saying “no” to anyone. If I

’90s fashion is back- for now

Fishnets, oversized denim jackets and mom jeans – ‘90s grunge fashion is back with a vengeance. From mini backpacks to Doc Martins, nostalgic fashion ensembles are trending this season. Whether you are talking about the move away from perfectly contoured faces to more natural looks, or the shift from crop tops to

The best and worst of halloween candy

The month of October brings about Halloween, the one day of the year when it is acceptable for people to dress up in crazy costumes, visit strangers’ houses and eat unhealthy amounts of candy. Of course, not all Halloween candy is made equal. This is a sentiment that anyone can agree

Back to budgeting basics

Budgeting is not about catching good deals at stores, but it is about how to save money. Sometimes I think a review on basics can do us good, no matter where our finances are. I recommend laying out your bills each month up against your income so you can see what

We book review

We by Yevgeny Zamyatin is arguably the first dystopian novel written, before George Orwell 1984. This work is rather interesting in that there is no sense of a definitively wholesome protagonist presented for the reader to follows. The story is told through the journal entries of a lead architect, who

Vote for the Denton ISD Bond

One of the main points of pride Dentonites own is their dedication to education. As a college town that boasts two universities and residents who exceed the state average for obtaining bachelor’s degrees, it’s obvious we take our schools seriously. Now it’s time for Denton residents to make the right

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica: What You Need to Know

  On April 10 Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, appeared before congress to testify in regard to Facebook’s role in a massive improper data release in conjunction with British political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica, per their website, is a consulting firm that focuses on data mining, brokerage and analysis to

Gun Control: to reform or not

By now, most people living in America are accustomed to the not-so-breaking news of a  mass shooting. It’s a process that people now know too well. First, there’s a tragic shooting, which leads to grief, outrage and calls for action. If those affected make a big enough disruption, then maybe