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Cozy corners: The most relaxing spots on TWU’s Denton campus

This post is part of our special mental health print edition, on newsstands later this week.

If you’re anything like the typical college student, you’re regularly exhausted. Staying in bed can start to feel debilitating and going to the same place to get some ease can get a bit repetitive. Luckily, Texas Woman’s University’s Denton campus offers many more calming spots than you might think where you can loosen up and recharge.

Here are some of the most relaxing spots on campus for you to visit and unwind:

Botanical Gardens

Adjacent to the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods, the campus’ Botanical Gardens feature stunning flora of the most vibrant colors and stone benches next to a delicate pond for overlooking the aquatic life that occupies the water. The garden is the perfect place for someone who enjoys relaxing in the presence of nature.

The botanical gardens next to the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods on Texas Woman’s University’s Denton campus. Photo by Sarah Pham.

Redbud Lane

More likely known as the long sidewalk that runs within the heart of the campus, Redbud Lane not only offers a galore of the school’s most towering trees but also serves as a great place for a breather in between schedules. Located between some of the school’s main buildings like the CFO, the ASB, Old Main Building and the Ann Stuart Science Complex, Redbud Lane has benches for sitting, grassy hills for laying and fresh air for inhaling. 

Turtle Pond

How could one attend TWU and not ever take a second to stop by the adorable Turtle Pond? Right next to the library lies the Turtle Pond filled with everyone’s favorite hard-shelled swimmers, as well as fish, beautiful greenery and the tiniest functioning fountain on campus. The pond is the place for those who don’t mind spending their downtime in the presence of others as it’s located in one of the most active places on campus, which also makes it a great spot for those who enjoy people-watching. Just pull up an Adirondack chair under the cooling shade—or toasty sun—recline and drift off to the flowing sounds of the fountain.

Turtle Pond. Photo by Sarah Pham.

Quiet Lounge – Hubbard Hall

If nature isn’t your thing, no worries. Try the quiet lounge on the first floor of Hubbard Hall. The first-floor lounge features dome-like swivel chairs and extra-wide single-person loveseats with retractable desks making this place perfect for both a midday break and peaceful study time. The lounge also includes beautiful architectural pieces from the original build of Hubbard Hall, making the room surprisingly charming.

Hubbard Hall lounge. Photo by Sarah Pham.

Pioneer Hall Balcony

Another great indoor alternative is the balcony in Pioneer Hall. If you don’t mind the occasional sounds of echoes, the balcony is one of the most laid-back spots on campus. It’s another great place for those who enjoy people-watching or for those who just find entertainment in overlooking the world beneath them. 

Children’s Section – 1st Floor Library

This may sound a little whacky, but the children’s area located at the far left of the first floor of the library is surprisingly calming. The area has large windows that let in an immense amount of natural light and super comfy seats that might be made for children, but fit adults just as well. Surrounded by bright colors and an overall lively atmosphere, the children’s area is a great change of pace when it comes to relaxing spots on campus.

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