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The Lasso has served as a chronicle and historical record for
Texas Woman’s University for over 100 years. While the university and The Lasso itself have undergone significant changes since the newspaper’s inception in 1914, The Lasso has continued to serve as a medium for the exchange of ideas, bearing witness to the noteworthy and the unique at TWU. The Lasso staff hope that the digital archives, by providing a window into TWU’s past, can serve as a guidepost for its future for centuries to come.

While The Lasso seeks to make as many past print editions as possible available on our website, some may only be available on microfilm through the Woman’s Collection Lasso Digital Archives. The Woman’s Collection Archives houses over 1,000 issues of The Lasso, formerly known as The Lass-o, that were published between 1915 and 1938.

Readers should note that The Lasso has previously printed the newspaper bi-weekly or weekly and, as of 2018, began printing one hard copy monthly, publishing all other content online weekly. These changes in The Lasso‘s print schedule may mean that archives do not appear consecutive.