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Parked on the Hickory Street issue

Cars parked street-side on a two-lane downtown street.

The conflict of rebuilding Hickory Street to create a bike lane has recently come to a dead stop. Many business owners along Hickory who will lose parking space if the bike lane is built have been debating supporters of the lane and fighting for their parking spots. All road construction along West Hickory

Remote parking lot opens

Parking is one of the biggest problems on campus. In recent years however, the university has taken steps to accommodate students and their concerns. The biggest change to the parking at TWU this year is the addition of a remote parking lot. Located less than a mile from campus, the remote

Parking Problems on Campus

Matt Olson, Copy Editor Parking on campus has been an issue for many students since the start of the semester, and TWU students have faced this issue for at least the past decade. The size of the student population increases, but the amount of parking spaces remains the same. Some students attempt

Parking Progress: Now or never?

Problems persist as students struggle to find spots, relief may be found in new garage plans *Originally published in the Oct. 29 issue of The Lasso* By: Shelby Baker, Editor-in-Chief There are very few aspects of college that every person - faculty, student and staff - are affected by. Dining services and reaccreditation are