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Remote parking lot opens

Parking is one of the biggest problems on campus. In recent years however, the university has taken steps to accommodate students and their concerns.

The biggest change to the parking at TWU this year is the addition of a remote parking lot. Located less than a mile from campus, the remote lot is across University Drive, at the corner of Frame and Woodland Street. In an email correspondence, the Associate VP of Facilities Management and Construction, Joe Standridge stated: “The remote parking lot was put up in preparation for the construction of the new west parking garage.” The University has been committed to this process for many years now. This new garage will add 600 new parking spots to the already existing 3,497 on campus.

During the school year, parking is highly sought-after. Many students often get to campus early in the morning to get the spot they want. As the university continues to grow in population, parking is becoming more and more limited. Before the remote parking lot existed, students would often park on residential streets close to the university. Students have desired more parking spaces for many years now, but it was only in 2014 that the Board of Regents approved the new garage. It is expected to take a few years to plan, design, and construct. Meanwhile, the University has added the temporary lot to create more spaces for students. 

One nice feature of the remote parking lot is the shuttle service that is offered to the students that park there. There are two shuttles that run continuously during each weekday. The buses pick and drop off students either in front of the Student Union or in the Library parking lot. The hours are 7:15 a.m. until 5:15 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Additional shuttles are called in for heavy times and on Fridays; the shuttle is on-call if needed by anyone.

This remote parking lot is the only one on campus so far. Standridge stated that, as of today, the university is not planning on adding any more remote parking lots in the near future. However, this might change with the construction of the new student union and parking garage starting soon. Within the next few years, parking will become much better for students, faculty and staff.

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