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One thought on “Parking Problems on Campus

  1. This is to address “Parking Problems on Campus.” First, there is no “parking problem.” Driving is a privilege, not a right. If we make a decision to drive to campus, then we are choosing to deal with all ramifications that come with this privilege, and parking is one of those ramifications. While I understand the desire to park wherever and whenever, that is just not possible. I highly doubt that any college campus is obligated to provide parking spaces for every single student. Plus, parking near buildings where specific classes are held is not the university’s problem; it is a student problem. Moreover, not every single student drives to campus, so it would not make sense to provide a parking space for every single student. The money spent on creating a parking space for every single student would essentially be money lost. I can only imagine how money spent on wasted parking spaces might be written about in this newspaper.
    Second, the image of two cars parked bumper to bumper with the tagline, “Students are often forced to take drastic measures in order to find a parking space” is both inflammatory and simple untrue. No student is “forced” to park bumper to bumper. No student is “forced to take drastic measures,” and parking bumper to bumper is not “drastic measures.” No student is forced to do anything that they are not willing to do when they make the decision to become a college student. Why? Because being a college student is a choice, and it is a privilege. Driving is a choice. Parking bumper to bumper is a choice. Every choice has a consequence. Consider consequences when making choices. Similar to making a choice to use heightened language when discussing the “parking problem.”
    Finally, I understand the need to gripe about parking. I once received a ticket for parking in the visitor’s lot after 7:30 pm on a Sunday. When paying the ticket I was told that students with parking decals cannot under any circumstances park in the visitor’s lot. I paid my ticket, and I never parked there again. I also understand that getting to campus after 9 am during the week is a roll of the dice. I may have to stalk an entire parking lot for 15 or 20 minutes just to park a country mile away from any of my classes, and yes I have become quite frustrated, but it is my choice to drive to campus. It is my choice to leave my house at such a late hour. I understand that some people get caught in traffic coming from various locations to Denton, but these are ramifications that come with the privilege of driving. Driving is a choice. Parking illegally is a choice. Griping about parking is a choice. We make choices, but we should try not to blame others for our choices.

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