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There may be a time over the new few months when you find yourself burning the candle at both ends, getting up early to get to class and staying up late studying. Maybe you need a cup or two of coffee to get your blood pumping or perhaps you’re just looking for a place to hang out and talk with all the new friends you’ve made since coming to TWU. Luckily, Denton is home to a number of diverse coffee hangouts so you should have no trouble finding a place to call your own.

Artistic flare mixed with a bohemian atmosphere makes West Oak Coffee Bar the perfect location for studying or de-stressing. Try a perfectly prepared cup of your favorite expresso or if you’re in the mood for something a little different try the chocolate cold brew, a West Oak specialty made with cold brew coffee blended with chocolate milk. Not for the faint of heart this cold brew packs a major caffeine punch.

     The Lasso has yet to confirm life on Mars, but we’ve definitely confirmed life on Jupiter; as in Jupiter House Coffee located on the N. Locust Street side of the Denton square. Voted best coffee in Denton for 4 years in a row for a reason the coffee comes with an atmosphere that invites you to sit down and discuss the meaning of life with your fellow Pioneers. Any coffee house that has a quote from Ernest Hemingway on their website earns kudos from us coffee swigging writers.

Located  just  a  short  walk  from  campus  is Loco Café,  a  breakfast  favorite  for  students  and Dentonites  alike.  If  you’re  feeling  a  major  hunger  attack  coming  on  and  you  think  you  can handle  it  try  the  “Overachiever”  breakfast  item  which includes  two  eggs,  tomatoes,  chives, bacon, country potatoes, cheddar cheese and sour cream. For a lighter breakfast order the “Bees Knees” with granola, warm milk, honey and fruit offering the perfect start to your day.

If a cup of tea is more your style most of the cafes in town offer a variety of teas and no one has more tea blends to offer than The Chestnut Tree Teahouse and Bistro. With  more than 30 varieties of teas to choose from you can try a different one every day until you find your perfect blend. A special favorite here at The Lasso is the Happy tea, yes you heard us correctly, and a steaming pot of Happy always makes us, well, happy. The menu of tasty delights will make you happy too and on Saturdays you can revel in a delightful brunch while listening to live music.

Located two blocks away from Downtown Denton, on E. McKinney Avenue is Zera Coffee Co. With its vintage look and spiritual atmosphere, Zera is the perfect place to congregate, study, or simply meditate. Zera is actually a funding ministry run completely by volunteers that supports the Denton Freedom House so you know that great cup of coffee you are sipping helps others and it doesn’t get any better than that.

If you are on campus when the urge for a hot cup of wakeup hits you don’t forget the Baker’s Dozen in the Student Union where they are always serving up the Starbucks.

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