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We book review

We by Yevgeny Zamyatin is arguably the first dystopian novel written, before George Orwell 1984. This work is rather interesting in that there is no sense of a definitively wholesome protagonist presented for the reader to follows. The story is told through the journal entries of a lead architect, who

Let’s not just talk about sex

Dynamic duo Shree Jackson and Lindsey Speed from Traffick911 opened the eyes of their audience to the world of human slavery and trafficking that is in Denton’s backyard. Traffick911 and TWU partnered to host an Ethics Conference at the Cumberland Presbyterian Home on Friday, April 20. With ethics in mind,

Stroke: Recognize the signs

Every four minutes, an individual dies due to a stroke, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to being responsible for around 140,000 U.S. deaths annually, stroke is the number one cause of adult disability.  April is National Stroke Month, making now a good time for

Respect your Mother Earth

Almost 48 years ago, Earth day was created and is still today’s biggest civic-focused day of action around the world. According to the Earth Day website there are over one billion people who participate in making the Earth a better place each year on April 22. However, one day a

Fit and Rec offers more than you know

The Lasso sat down with Interim Executive Director of Fitness and Recreation Dr. Beth Palmer, to talk about TWU’s Fitness and Recreation center.  Palmer said she is responsible for “leading and managing the department of Fitness and Recreation, with particular emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle.” She was enthusiastic about the

Athletics and academics spur star player to greatness

  Experimentation quickly turned to greatness when Haley Collins decided to give volleyball a try. Growing up in a culture focused on athletics and academia, Collins discovered a passion for volleyball and science. Award-winning and record-setting Senior middle blocker and outside hitter Haley Collins has grown as an athlete, scholar and

Vegan Views: Making a Difference

No single food choice has a farther-reaching and more profoundly positive impact on our health, the environment, and all of life on Earth than choosing vegan. -Alternative Baking Company, Inc.  Vegans abstain from eating animal products such as dairy, meat, eggs and gelatin, as well as abstain from wearing or purchasing products

Financial literacy seminar

When college students first step foot onto a university campus, one of the last things on their mind is their finances and understanding of financial literacy.  The problem with ignoring the importance of financial literacy is that it is only a matter of time before students find themselves struggling financially, or

Institute for students help to develop leadership skills

The Leadership Institute specializes in helping students become successful and feel confident in their own abilities to lead teams, including managing projects and sharpening public speaking skills.  The main purpose of the Leadership Institute is to build on the leadership resources at TWU by providing a program that “focuses on a

New residence village coming fall 2019

As the current parking situation indicates, TWU has become home to an unprecedented number of students. To accommodate this rising enrollment, the Residential Village Project is coming to campus. This sophomore student housing community is projected to open in Fall 2019 and house well over 800 students. According to TWU

Building positive routines

As the semester is in full swing,  little details seem to start falling through the cracks. While sometimes it may seem pointless to do the little things, they can really help to  maintain some version of your sanity. The same thing can be said for daily routines. Structure  helps us to

Keeping up with DACA deadlines

As of Sept. 5, 2017, President Trump made the decision to end DACA. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was an American immigration policy that, according to Berkley, allowed some individuals who entered the country illegally as minors to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to

Single and wanderlust stricken millenial

The importance of experiencing traveling alone Amber Robertson, Page Editor Travel. The word conjures images of foreign lands, unfamiliar languages, and endless possibilities. In the generation of millennials , it’s very common to be stricken with wanderlust. But the number of us that actually travel is pretty low. Why is that? According to

Students Fear Their Peers

If the recent shootings on college campuses this past year hasn’t already set everyone on edge, Texas State legislators passed two laws in the 84th Regular Legislative Session that allow citizens to carry concealed handguns on university campuses.  Senate Bill 11, effective Aug. 1, “Authorizes a license holder to carry a