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The Center for Women Entrepreneurs hosts monthly interactive seminars

In Old Main Building, the Center for Women Entrepreneurs has begun holding monthly seminars for an organization called WomenRISE or Women Reflect Interact Shine and Enterprise. 

The center began holding these seminars as a way of helping current and future female entrepreneurs to learn and network. The new monthly tradition opened for the first time in mid-February. 

Each month the meeting will have different themes and speakers, as well as breakfast for the early birds. This month’s theme was negotiation with the seminar being led by Johana Thomas. During her seminar, she wanted to “break down some negative ideas of negotiation and make the topic seem not so scary to new business owners.” 

In order to foster open dialogue, the CWE attempts to make the seminars interactive for the audience. The women of the CWE are available to give students a safe space to come with their questions and find other businesswomen to work alongside. The meetings are open to anyone seeking advice and connections. 

Hannah Mcgienti owns Modern Memoir and heard about the seminars through one of the directors of the CWE. 

“The seminar was very engaging, and they had information anyone could benefit from,” Mcgienti said.

Not everyone in attendance has to be a current business owner to engage, like Madison Sly. Sly is a sophomore business major who heard about the seminar online. She was excited to see something like this as she was trying to learn everything she can about business before diving into the field. 

“I loved the dialogue Johana opened with the audience,” Sly said. “She didn’t just read off a PowerPoint at us, but had an active conversation with participants.”

The Center for Women Entrepreneurs attempts to engage students and business makers with these monthly seminars. They will be held on the second Tuesday of every month. For those who can’t make it in person, there is a virtual Zoom option to allow everyone to engage. 

The CWE offers other resources outside of the WomenRISE meetings like business advising, resources, networking and funding. 

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