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Unleash your imagination at First Friday

If you are looking to unlock your inner creative side or enhance your already unlocked creative side, First Friday in Denton is the place to be. Every first Friday of every month, Denton hosts an event where businesses and galleries come and host activities for whomever to come and try. Some shops stay

Halloween Activities in Denton

Halloween is just about here, and Denton residents have a number of choices for fun over the weekend and through the holiday. Halloween Harvest at the Denia Rec Center 10/27             This Friday at 6 p.m., residents can head over to the Denia Rec Center at 1001 Parvin St. to take part

Not your Ordinary Halloween Attraction

One of the first legends individuals hear when they first become residents of Denton is the legend of Goat Man’s bridge, and with Halloween being right around the corner there is no better time than now to retell the classic Denton horror story that is the Goat Man. The goat man

Ghosts of Denton

Goblins, vampires, werewolves, bats, zombies and witches are all spooky creatures that tend to come out on All Hallows Eve, but did you know that Denton is the homeland for many ghostly encounters? If you are looking for a ghostly tour with loads of information, Shelly Tucker leads ghost tours through

Movie Night at TWU Featuring Beauty and the Beast

Take a look at your calendar and mark off Friday, Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. because the Dallas Student Life is hosting a movie night for you. The feature film that will be playing is the newly adapted Beauty and Beast. SGA Vice President Jaeden Wiseman said that the motive behind

Scary Fun at The Parker House

With Halloween just around the corner, there is a place here in Denton that is scary enough for you to check out if you are looking for some terror – The Parker House.   What is so special about Parker’s house? Well, it used to be an old-fashioned funeral home before the 1940’s

Denton Community Market: Something for every Dentonite

First opening in April, 2010, the Denton Community Market has grown into an event that is woven into the fabric of Denton. What was once a monthly event with 15 vendors has blossomed into a weekly gathering of the Denton community that boasts an average of 70 vendors every Saturday from

Backyard on Bell

It is Friday night and you are looking for somewhere to go and have some fun. The question is where do you go when you are a broke college student who also has some assignments you really need to do?  Going out can be hard for any student because of the

A Town That Runs Together Stays Together

  It is no secret that staying physically active is the key to a healthy lifestyle, however there are some individuals who lack the motivation or the support required to maintain a recurring physical activity.   If you are looking to get started or simply add on to your physical activity, the Denton Area Running Club can be the

Community yoga gives back

Karma Yoga of Denton is a great way for beginner yogis and long-time yogis to come together and do what they love most: yoga. According to their website, “Karma is one single continuous circle. One act of selflessness inspiring others.”     Through Karma Yoga, you are not only practicing the calming art of yoga, but you are

Denton Parks and Rec offers ultimate cheap date

Broke and bored is a state of mind most college students can relate to.   The majority of entertainment is costly or inconvenient, but Denton Parks and Rec is hosting Free Movies in the Park on Fridays: Sept. 22, Oct. 20 and Oct. 27. The movies being shown are “The Boss Baby” on Sept. 22, “Guardians of

New Transit Tracker App Coming from DCTA

Nearly every student has experienced it: the rush to the bus stop.   There is a certain frenzy that comes with relying on public transportation. “Do I have time to grab some food,” or “Do I have time to speak with my professor after class,” are just a few of the

Getting out and active

Outdoor Nation is a great way to get active and help TWU win the title of National Outdoor Champion. This year will mark the third year of TWU participating against 100 other schools from around the U.S. Starting Sept. 18 and continuing through Oct. 15 students, faculty, staff and the

It’s the hip thing to do

Known for its hipster culture and unique vibe, Denton is the little sister of Austin, Texas. Festivals are common, live music can be heard floating down the streets on a daily basis, and you may often see the downward dog being practiced on the Courthouse lawn- one thing that can be

Getting down in Denton

Whether you’re sitting on campus or out and about with friends, hunger can strike at any moment. You could visit thesame old chain restaurants or you could venture out into Denton and try one of the restaurants that are special and held close to the hearts of Denton citizens. If you

Spring has Sprung Denton Festivities

  Spring has officially arrived and with it are bright colors, beautiful weather and fun activities for everyone. Over the next month, Denton will offer a variety of spring-themed events for people of all ages.   Vintage Market Days of Denton   A local favorite, Vintage Market Days is a three day event held a