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Baaamaste your stress away

“Yoga is an ever-evolving practice,” according to Clever Yoga. Yoga is constantly changing, evolving and adding new moves or props to the exercise. One of the new trends in the yoga community is goat yoga, where you take to the mat with goats roaming around you or even jumping on

TWU’s Academic Success Lecture

As the world moves deeper into the technological age, the education system is being forced to adapt and incorporate teaching technologies into the classroom; With technology being another essential tool in the educational battlefield, using technology to its potential is required to move forward and up, and with the help of

Spring with a splash: Denton ISD FFA Color Run

Start off this spring with a splash of color at the Denton ISD FFA Color Run this Sat., April 7. With check-in starting at 8 a.m. and the run at 9 a.m., the 3rd annual fun run will be held at the Sarah and Troy Lagrone Advanced Technology Complex. Directions

The Sidewalk Cafe: homestyle cookin’

As you walk in, you’re instantly hit with the sweet smell of homemade pies and coffee. The staff gives you a warm “hello” and sits you down at a table. The blue walls give a very calming feel. The Sidewalk Cafe offers you the most welcoming feel right from the

Indivisible Denton and Denton’s Divestment Day

Who is Indivisible Denton?  With the socio-political culture that has enveloped the U.S. now reaching Denton, some of Denton’s residents are not willing to assimilate, and they are not simply sitting by quietly; as a result, Denton residents have come together to form an organized activist group in what is being called Indivisible Denton.    What does Indivisible Denton do?   Indivisible Denton is a

33rd annual “Materials: Hard and Soft” exhibit on display

What and When? The “Materials: Hard and Soft” exhibit is a juried premier craft exhibition which is held annually by the Greater Denton Arts Council. The exhibition, which was first orchestrated by Georgia Leach Gough, a local artist, in 1987, aims to give a stage to “top national and international artists as

Local Business Gives Back to Community

Communities in Need At any given point in time, there are people who get by with less than the bare necessities, people who live in inhospitable conditions and people without homes at all. Although not many people pay it any mind, there are people in need everywhere, and one local Denton

Denton square recovering from 4-alarm holiday fire

Denton residents woke up the day after Christmas to unexpected news: in the early morning, the Downtown Mini Mall II had been engulfed in flames. The similar memories for longtime residents, as 23 years ago a fire on the west side of the square destroyed three businesses.   For 37 years,

We are TWU…

These stories are a part of an in-depth series focusing on how labels define us, how we embrace them and how they create cages for us. The hot topics of gender, sex and race have been at the forefront of many social disagreements. The goal of this project was to

Drinking in Denton

It’s no lie that Denton is home to some pretty unique places to go after dark and catch a drink. However, if the crowded and loud bar isn’t your style check out some local brewhouses where you can easily walk to the bathroom and not have to wait in a

Sydney Santschi: Writing a better future for herself

Senior English major Sydney Santschi lights up every classroom she is in. The joy Santschi receives through learning is infectious, and between her cheerful engagement with her classmates and her insistence on reading British poetry in a British accent, she appears to be the model of the successful student. In many

Unleash your imagination at First Friday

If you are looking to unlock your inner creative side or enhance your already unlocked creative side, First Friday in Denton is the place to be. Every first Friday of every month, Denton hosts an event where businesses and galleries come and host activities for whomever to come and try. Some shops stay

Halloween Activities in Denton

Halloween is just about here, and Denton residents have a number of choices for fun over the weekend and through the holiday. Halloween Harvest at the Denia Rec Center 10/27             This Friday at 6 p.m., residents can head over to the Denia Rec Center at 1001 Parvin St. to take part

Not your Ordinary Halloween Attraction

One of the first legends individuals hear when they first become residents of Denton is the legend of Goat Man’s bridge, and with Halloween being right around the corner there is no better time than now to retell the classic Denton horror story that is the Goat Man. The goat man

Ghosts of Denton

Goblins, vampires, werewolves, bats, zombies and witches are all spooky creatures that tend to come out on All Hallows Eve, but did you know that Denton is the homeland for many ghostly encounters? If you are looking for a ghostly tour with loads of information, Shelly Tucker leads ghost tours through