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Bathroom battles

Target makes restrooms transgender-inclusive Matt Olson, Copy Editor Last Tuesday, Target announced a new transgender-inclusive restroom policy as a response to recent transphobic legislation, particularly North Carolina’s much-maligned “bathroom bill,” but the move has put the popular retailer in the self-appointed American Family Association’s crosshairs. Target’s new policy allows for transgender individuals to

Legalize, change the game

Pot legalization has more benefits than drawbacks Matt Olson, Copy Editor Marijuana. Pot. Weed. You know about it. Chances are that most students on campus have had some experience with it, direct or indirect. You may have done it. You may know someone who has, or you’ve at least heard a story

Anti-LGBT legislation on the move

Matt Olson, Copy Editor On Tuesday, Mississippi’s House Bill 1523 was signed into law. The bill enables discrimination of LGBTQ individuals on the basis of “religious liberty.” Businesses can refuse service to LGBT individuals and families while trans individuals may be required to use the restroom facilities on the basis of

Trump trumps nation in presidential race

The threat of a Trump presidency is now all too real for the United States Matt Olson, Copy Editor As the frontrunner of the Republican hopefuls, Donald Trump has spewed hateful and inflammatory rhetoric and has seen his support grow. His pledge to “Make America Great Again” implies that America’s greatness has

Talent EGGS-hibited

Local artist create elaborate artwork on eggs for silent auction Matt Olson, Copy Editor This Friday, Denton’s Sweetwater Grill and Tavern will host the Artist Enclave of Denton County’s EGGS-ibition. The event will feature ceramic or bisqueware eggs that have been decorated by artists across Denton County. The eggs will be featured

‘Into the Woods’ in Denton

Classic Sondheim musical receives local production Matt Olson, Copy Editor This Friday, “Into the Woods” comes to Music Theatre of Denton for the coming and following weekends. Be prepared to be bewitched and enchanted by the musical theatre classic. Production co-director and musical director John Norine, Jr. said in an email: “Each show

Staff Picks – Favorite Movies

Lasso staffers recommend their favorite movies Emily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief  The first movie I ventured to watch my first year in college was “The Breakfast Club.” Maybe it’s because the R-rating made it forbidden at home, or maybe it’s because I was an impressionable first-year, but this movie has become one of my fallback

125 Mile Exhibition

Denton hosts tenth annual art show Matt Olson, Copy Editor The 125 Mile Exhibition is back for its tenth year in Denton. The exhibition’s purpose is to allow artists living within 125 miles of Denton to compete in a juried art show. The showing is held in the Gough Gallery of the

Parking Problems on Campus

Matt Olson, Copy Editor Parking on campus has been an issue for many students since the start of the semester, and TWU students have faced this issue for at least the past decade. The size of the student population increases, but the amount of parking spaces remains the same. Some students attempt

Holiday vs. Hype

Spend time with family and friends not seasonal shoppers Matt Olson, Copy Editor Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and lurking just beyond the holiday is Black Friday. Retailers have already begun to advertise for their biggest business day of the year. While millions of families gather together to be thankful for

SCRAP hosts upscale masquerade

Matt Olson, Copy Editor   SCRAP Masquerade Ball Saturday Nov. 7, local arts and craft store SCRAP Denton will play host to its annual Masquerade Ball. The event will take place at the Denton Woman's Club at 610 Oakland Street, at 7 p.m. Tickets purchased in advance are $8 while tickets purchased at

Celebrate Halloween in your own way

Matt Olson, Copy Editor Halloween is nearly here, and it’s one of my favorite times of year. Houses are decorated, pumpkins are carved, and the chill of fall is in the air.                 One of the best parts about Halloween is its lack of traditions.

Gun culture creates chaos

Matt Olson, Copy Editor Last Thursday, Chris Harper-Mercer brought numerous firearms to Umpqua Community College in Oregon and proceeded to murder his classmates. News broke over the weekend of a California school shooting plot that was stopped before it could be enacted. These incidents are occurring with such frequency that most

Charity holds event in Denton County

Matt Olson, Copy Editor Saturday, Oct. 10, Denton county will play host to the 2015 Anna Banana Trail Run and Walk. The event will take place on the Greenbelt Trail, specifically at the FM 428 Trailhead in Aubrey. Proceedings will start at 6:30 a.m. with registration and check-in and will involve

Career Services helps with students’ Major Decision

Matt Olson, Copy Editor The Seminar Wednesday Oct. 7, TWU’s Career Services will host its seminar “It’s a Major Decision! How to Select a Major That Excites You.” The event will be held in Student Union room 113 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Assistant Director of Career Services Sherri Williams said in an email: “Choosing

Horrors on the little screen

Matt Olson, Copy Editor On Netflix Zombies and Vampires and Monsters oh my! The offbeat comedy “Fido” is a unique spin on zombie mythology: what if zombies could be kept as pets? The movie pokes fun at 1950s ideals with subversive humor underneath its “Leave It To Beaver”-esque tone. The classic “Night of

Horrors on the big screen

Matt Olson, Copy Editor Halloween is just around the corner, and for fans of horror flicks, there’s no better time of year to sit down with some popcorn and get ready for some scares. The staffers at The Lasso decided to compile a list of horror movies in and coming to