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Peet’s Coffee is now The Hoot

When heading to the Multipurpose Classroom Laboratory (MCL) Building here at Texas Woman’s University, you were greeted by the aroma of coffee coming from Peet’s Coffee, but as the new semester started, the greeting of Peet’s Coffee was gone. You are now greeted by The Hoot, a coffee shop that TWU created. 

The Hoot is a brand-new coffee shop that is given to TWU students specifically. According to Samantha Seiss, the marketing specialist for Pioneer Kitchen, Peet’s Coffee was rebranded to The Hoot. 

“[We rebranded] to reflect the vibrant essence of Texas Woman’s University’s student body and reflect school spirit within the brand,” said Seiss.

The Hoot is designed to bring liveliness to the MCL Building by featuring vibrant colors and having a quirky mascot named Hooty. The Hoot serves maroon-themed treats like red velvet lattes, red velvet gluten-free cupcakes and many more to help get the customers in the school spirit.

As with other locations on TWU’s campus, they hear what the students request. Many options that were added to the menu of The Hoot were because they were hearing and seeing what students wanted.

Afreen Ali the cashier/barista at The Hoot. Photo Credit Josie Alvarez.

“We also added a wide range of gluten-free options based on student requests,” said Seiss. 

Madeline Anthony, the marketing director for Pioneer Kitchen, expressed that the rebranding of Peet’s was a way to engage and tie back to TWU and have more creative liberties on what ends up on the menu because Peet’s was not personal to TWU.

“I couldn’t have brought in lavender syrup if the rebrand wasn’t done,” said Anthony. “I’m given more creative liberty on what the menu could end up as.”

Another thing that came with The Hoot was the coloring sheet competition. Every month, there is a competition for the best coloring sheet of Hooty and a staff member will pick a winner to receive a free coffee and announce the winner on their Instagram, @_pioneerkitchen. Anthony stated that the coloring sheets were a way to tie in mental health.

“The purpose of the coloring sheet was a way to disconnect with the load of studies and just have fun coloring,” said Anthony. 

In addition to all the changes made, The Hoot is offering coffee subscriptions.

“This subscription is a one-time purchase of $54.99 for a spring 2024 cup,” said Seiss. “With this coffee subscription, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited refills of tea or cold brew.”

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