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Unleash your imagination at First Friday

If you are looking to unlock your inner creative side or enhance your already unlocked creative side, First Friday in Denton is the place to be. Every first Friday of every month, Denton hosts an event where businesses and galleries come and host activities for whomever to come and try. Some shops stay

TWU’s Student Veterans Association

For the students who have served or are still enlisted, the Student Veterans Association at TWU has great benefits for you. The SVA is an organization set up to bring people of similar military experiences together. Those who seek the camaraderie they found in the different military branches will find the same

TWU Volleyball to finish season on a positive note

Last week closed out a rough stretch for TWU Volleyball, but the Pioneers managed to finish on a positive note, coming out on top with a win over Arkansas at Monticello. The win closed out a tough double-header in which TWU narrowly lost its opener against Southeast Oklahoma State in five sets.   The

Student Organizations Council

The Student Organizations Council is an influential factor for the student life scene at TWU. Every organization chartered at TWU is a part of the SOC, and any student who is a part of a TWU organization is a member of the SOC. The delegates of each student organization are part

Dates you ‘never have to cancel’ due to funds

Let’s be honest, the life of a college student is often filled with staring at double-digits in our bank accounts. It would be nice if we could enjoy first dates and nights out with our significant others at Keiichi, but our reality is far more in line with a trip

Anxiety and Stress: Help is Available to You

            Midterms are here, and for many students, task and assignments are starting to pile up. Every student has numerous tasks to complete in each of their courses, and their responsibilities don’t end there; midterms are often just the precursor to semester-concluding projects and assignments that have been building steam

Halloween Activities in Denton

Halloween is just about here, and Denton residents have a number of choices for fun over the weekend and through the holiday. Halloween Harvest at the Denia Rec Center 10/27             This Friday at 6 p.m., residents can head over to the Denia Rec Center at 1001 Parvin St. to take part

Curb your candy coma

With costumes, candy and chaos, Halloween is a holiday that guarantees sugar highs leaving many feeling groggy and nauseous the next morning. Healthy alternatives, portion control and Halloween themed workouts can stop sugar induced zombie stupors in their tracks. Halloween is a holiday, after all, so some indulgence is expected, but

Basketball begins with success

Beginning the season with eight veterans, five new signees, three freshmen and two transfers, the Pioneer basketball team is prepared to take down the competition. Head basketball coach for the Pioneers Beth Jillson said she is confident her team is built for success. “Our juniors and seniors are a veteran group

TWU’s New Flavor Chemistry Lab

When individuals think about academics at TWU, some of the first things that come to mind are the competitive nursing program or the renowned Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy programs. However, one of TWU’s newest and most exciting programs is the lesser known Flavor Chemistry program which was unveiled earlier

Not your Ordinary Halloween Attraction

One of the first legends individuals hear when they first become residents of Denton is the legend of Goat Man’s bridge, and with Halloween being right around the corner there is no better time than now to retell the classic Denton horror story that is the Goat Man. The goat man

Pinterest Fun

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it is time for spooky treats. Pinterest is the best place to find endless amounts of ideas for fun Halloween themed yummies. This is the one day a year kids go door to door for free candy, so why not make it

Knickers for New Life

Every month, girls in Uganda go without sanitary products, causing them to miss about a week of school each month, which ultimately ends up forcing the girl to drop out once hitting puberty. Many schools in Uganda have same sex bathrooms and no hand washing stations, and most girls and

Ghosts of Denton

Goblins, vampires, werewolves, bats, zombies and witches are all spooky creatures that tend to come out on All Hallows Eve, but did you know that Denton is the homeland for many ghostly encounters? If you are looking for a ghostly tour with loads of information, Shelly Tucker leads ghost tours through

The History of Halloween

Dressing up as a hideous goblin or a blood thirsty vampire is what some of us look forward to for Halloween, but was it always about “dressing up?” Did people always pass out candy or did they hand over other things to bag toting and masked individuals? I decided to

Movie Night at TWU Featuring Beauty and the Beast

Take a look at your calendar and mark off Friday, Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. because the Dallas Student Life is hosting a movie night for you. The feature film that will be playing is the newly adapted Beauty and Beast. SGA Vice President Jaeden Wiseman said that the motive behind