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Ghosts of Denton

Goblins, vampires, werewolves, bats, zombies and witches are all spooky creatures that tend to come out on All Hallows Eve, but did you know that Denton is the homeland for many ghostly encounters?

If you are looking for a ghostly tour with loads of information, Shelly Tucker leads ghost tours through the Square every Friday and Saturday starting at 8 p.m. throughout the year. Scheduling private tours is even an option. This tour is approximately 90 minutes long, so be sure to dress for the weather.

If following a group around Denton is not your style, there are a few places you can visit on your own, but be sure to bring a friend because these chilling places can leave one spooked. Goatman’s Bridge is one of the oldest ghost stories that circulates around Denton. The tale goes that if you cross the bridge in your car with your headlights off, you will be greeted by the goatman on the other side. It has been said that there have been lights and ghostly figures seen in the surrounding woods. Some have claimed that they have been grabbed, touched and have had rocks thrown at them while visiting the bridge.

 TWU even has a few hidden spooky stories of our own, including moaning voices in Old Main, mystery melodies in the music building, vanishings in Hubbard Hall, a phantom in Stoddard Hall, the spirit of Dr. John in Guinn Hall and the hooded lady in the woods by the Little Chapel. Next time you think you hear something or see a mysterious figure, it might just be one of the ghosts haunting TWU.

Halloween is a time to enjoy with friends and family, but if you and a group decide to go to any of the haunted places in Denton, be sure you are not trespassing and always make sure you have a buddy so you are not alone. Even though it is harmless fun, it is always a good idea to be on the safer side and come prepared.


  1. […] The spirit of Dr. John is said to haunt TWU’s Guinn Hall and both staff and students have reportedly heard mysterious melodies and voices emanating from Old Main, the first building constructed at Texas Woman’s University. Spirits have also been detected in Hubbard Hall and Stoddard Hall. The Hooded Bride is said to roam the grounds by the Little Chapel in the Woods which also makes a great place in Denton for fall photos. Head on over to Brakenridge Hall which was torn down and replaced by the Student Union to see Virginia Carpenter’s ghost. Read more here. […]

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