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Dates you ‘never have to cancel’ due to funds

Let’s be honest, the life of a college student is often filled with staring at double-digits in our bank accounts. It would be nice if we could enjoy first dates and nights out with our significant others at Keiichi, but our reality is far more in line with a trip to Double Dave’s.

Fortunately, going on a date does not have to revolve around eating. TWU student Shannon Simmons often prefers to spend “date night” with her daughter, and their favorite spot for an inexpensive, good time is Bahama Buck’s located on East McKinney St. “I take my daughter to Bahama Bucks every Friday after school; it’s our weekly ritual and a super cheap date. We spend $3 on one snow cone to share, then play with some of the board games they have there. When it’s warm, we love sitting outside on the patio. It’s my favorite part of every week and I never have to cancel because I can’t afford it,” said Simmons.

However, if a romantic meal is exactly what you are after, TWU student Emory Wolfe enjoys sharing an intimate meal with his girlfriend at Bagheri’s on the corner of East University Drive and North Ruddell Street. “Bagheri’s is awesome. Their lasagna is to die for, and every time my partner and I go, we end up splitting one because they are so huge: definitely worth it… if you can even have room after the delicious better-than-Olive-Garden breadsticks, that is,” said Wolfe.

Personally, there is nothing my wife and I enjoy more than a walk through campus after sunset. We often stop by the Starbucks inside the library, pick up some refreshers and head over to the hammocks to relax before taking the long way home through the rock garden behind the Little Chapel in the Woods. After all, the best thing about date night is the time you spend together, and you do not need any money to accomplish that.

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