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Curb your candy coma

With costumes, candy and chaos, Halloween is a holiday that guarantees sugar highs leaving many feeling groggy and nauseous the next morning. Healthy alternatives, portion control and Halloween themed workouts can stop sugar induced zombie stupors in their tracks.

Halloween is a holiday, after all, so some indulgence is expected, but limiting one’s intake is important for avoiding waking up in a pile of wrappers and regret.

Portion control is about deciding how much of something you should realistically have. Allotting oneself a limit for treats is a good solution to avoid overindulgence and stomachaches. A simple solution is to allow one to two pieces of candy as an after meal treat or a snack throughout the day, and drinking plenty of water aids in digesting the extra sugar and preventing cavities.

Healthy alternatives provide sweet solutions without the added processed sugar. A healthy alternative for those who love gummy candies is fruit snacks and dried fruit. Chocolate cravers, rejoice, because dark chocolate is a heart healthy way to go and can be drizzled on a frozen banana for a sweeter treat. Caramel apples are a Halloween must and are a naturally healthier choice.

Individuals looking to burn off some energy after candy consumption can don their costumes, hop on their broomsticks and fly off to Halloween workouts to expend extra energy. So take time this holiday to succumb to one’s sweet tooth, but take moderation, healthier choices and spooky workout classes into account to avoid the dreaded candy coma.



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