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TWU’s Student Veterans Association

For the students who have served or are still enlisted, the Student Veterans Association at TWU has great benefits for you. The SVA is an organization set up to bring people of similar military experiences together. Those who seek the camaraderie they found in the different military branches will find the same connections at SVA. 


What does the SVA offer? 

 The SVA offers a place for those who have served our country to connect with others who have made the sacrifice. Additionally, the SVA can help veterans learn to craft and hone their resumes for the workforce, apply for scholarships set aside for veterans and receive support and counsel along their journey through in higher education. 


The depth of SVA 

 With over 1,300 SVA’s around the globe, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with other veterans. One of the core objectives of the SVA is to help veterans make the transition from a military life to a civilian life by providing “the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in post-service life through higher education and professional development.”  SVA benefits do not stop after a veteran graduates. The “alumni network keeps student veterans, and connected for a lifetime and facilitates mentorship opportunities.” 


Support and Resources 

 Additionally, the SVA looks to promote the stories of the members through social media opportunities. Each chapter at a university is established to provide a peer-to-peer network for veterans attending at the college for education. The staff and faculty are also encouraged to help their fellow soldiers. Around TWU’s campus, there are ‘vet zone’ symbols which will let veterans know that the faculty or staff has participated in extra training to provide better support to their needs. 


Career Opportunities 

 The SVA likes to hire and train from within their chapters. Listed on their career webpage found here, veterans can discover current openings within the SVA. For those who are looking for work in communication and marketing, SVA has an internship opening.  


Joining the SVA 

 Joining the SVA gives opportunities to not only form connections and friendships in the civilian world, but to better equip veterans with a head start for job opportunities and resources. To join the SVA, contact Director of Veteran & Nontraditional Student Services Brittanie Romine at 

 For more information, visit TWU’s SVA Chapter at or SVA’s central hub at 


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