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Not your Ordinary Halloween Attraction

One of the first legends individuals hear when they first become residents of Denton is the legend of Goat Man’s bridge, and with Halloween being right around the corner there is no better time than now to retell the classic Denton horror story that is the Goat Man.

The goat man was a businessman who was lynched from Old Alton Bridge due to people being jealous of his success; however, when the individuals who performed the lynching looked over the edge of the bridge, the body was gone and could not be found. Many people claim that if you visit Goat Man’s bridge with your lights off, you will witness something supernatural or see the ghost man himself upon crossing the bridge.

            This Halloween, The Dark Path Haunt, a local Halloween attraction, is offering Dentonites an opportunity to experience Goatman’s bridge and the surrounding paranormal woods first hand. The Dark Path Haunt offers individuals a Halloween attraction like no other when it comes to the ultimate Halloween experience; forget the traditional haunted house and allow The Dark Path Haunt to submerge you into the deep woods of Denton for an experience that will leave you filled with adrenaline.

Located at 2695 Old Alton Rd. Denton, TX 76210,The Dark Path Haunt will be available to fill individuals with fright every Saturday and Sunday until October 28. For the price of $20 per person, or $30 for a fast pass, individuals can become one with the night and experience Denton’s superstitious history like never before.

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