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Fit and Rec offers more than you know

The Lasso sat down with Interim Executive Director of Fitness and Recreation Dr. Beth Palmer, to talk about TWU’s Fitness and Recreation center.  Palmer said she is responsible for “leading and managing the department of Fitness and Recreation, with particular emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle.” She was enthusiastic about the

Athletics and academics spur star player to greatness

  Experimentation quickly turned to greatness when Haley Collins decided to give volleyball a try. Growing up in a culture focused on athletics and academia, Collins discovered a passion for volleyball and science. Award-winning and record-setting Senior middle blocker and outside hitter Haley Collins has grown as an athlete, scholar and

Vegan Views: Making a Difference

No single food choice has a farther-reaching and more profoundly positive impact on our health, the environment, and all of life on Earth than choosing vegan. -Alternative Baking Company, Inc.  Vegans abstain from eating animal products such as dairy, meat, eggs and gelatin, as well as abstain from wearing or purchasing products

October movies coming to theaters for thrills and chills

October is here, and with it comes many exciting new movie releases. From spooky to reminiscent, there will be a variety of films that are making their debut within the next few weeks. So grab some popcorn and a coke to get ready for an entertainment filled month. “Geostorm”

Financial literacy seminar

When college students first step foot onto a university campus, one of the last things on their mind is their finances and understanding of financial literacy.  The problem with ignoring the importance of financial literacy is that it is only a matter of time before students find themselves struggling financially, or

Institute for students help to develop leadership skills

The Leadership Institute specializes in helping students become successful and feel confident in their own abilities to lead teams, including managing projects and sharpening public speaking skills.  The main purpose of the Leadership Institute is to build on the leadership resources at TWU by providing a program that “focuses on a

TWU’s Blagg-Huey Library

  The Blagg-Huey Library has one of the largest collections of women’s history in Texas, the southwest and the United States. There are several other collections presented in various places throughout the library; You can see the history of the W.A.S.P.s, Women Air Service Pilots, who have served in the U.S.

New residence village coming fall 2019

As the current parking situation indicates, TWU has become home to an unprecedented number of students. To accommodate this rising enrollment, the Residential Village Project is coming to campus. This sophomore student housing community is projected to open in Fall 2019 and house well over 800 students. According to TWU

Building positive routines

As the semester is in full swing,  little details seem to start falling through the cracks. While sometimes it may seem pointless to do the little things, they can really help to  maintain some version of your sanity. The same thing can be said for daily routines. Structure  helps us to

The power of music: automatic mood changer

Have you ever noticed how powerful music really is? Music has the power to pump you up for a workout or chill you out for bed. It just has a way of helping to get you in whatever mood you want to be in.  If I am getting ready to work

Rachel Iacobucci’s faith fuels success and service

Senior Communication Sciences and Disorders major Rachel Iacobucci is far from the ordinary TWU student.  n fact, her accomplishments, not to mention her schedule, border on ridiculous. In addition to serving as the current Student Regent, she is a Terry Scholar and an Honors student, served as Student President, studied

TWU’s Frontiers Program

When you walk around TWU’s beautiful campus you do not just appreciate the aesthetics; individuals walking on the TWU campus are quickly enveloped by a feeling of comfort that makes TWU feel more like home. You walk around and you feel safe, you feel welcomed, and the students and staff only

Keeping up with DACA deadlines

As of Sept. 5, 2017, President Trump made the decision to end DACA. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was an American immigration policy that, according to Berkley, allowed some individuals who entered the country illegally as minors to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to

Live jazz, music, food in Denton

Looking for live events and grub? Here are two places you could try.    Live Jazz at The Greenhouse   Established since 1998 in Denton, The Greenhouse has won the “Best Martini” award, and serves food from Bruchetta to a Salmon Burger— a salmon patty topped with smoked jalapeno tartar sauce and cheddar cheese, all on a brioche bun.  The Greenhouse restaurant and

Pioneer strong: volleyball

  TWU volleyball is not something to be trifled with- this year’s players are determined and ready to put in whatever work is needed plus some to ensure the best season possible for them.  After playing against worthy opponents, the team has built up some great stats. However, not every game will end