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October movies coming to theaters for thrills and chills

October is here, and with it comes many exciting new movie releases. From spooky to reminiscent, there will be a variety of films that are making their debut within the next few weeks. So grab some popcorn and a coke to get ready for an entertainment filled month.

Geostorm_official_teaser_poster 2


“Geostorm” is being released Oct. 20, and is a highly anticipated film. There have been a lot of movies about the world ending because of a catastrophic natural disaster, and “Geostorm” seems like it will just be another one to add to the list- but think again. “Geostorm” uses an unprecedented take on what the end of the world will truly look like. The plot revolves around a man-made system meant to prevent devastating natural disasters that turns on humanity and causes even more frightening versions of the very disasters that the system was meant to exterminate.

ChrisRobin 2

“Goodbye Christopher Robin”

This sentimental film will take viewers back into their childhood as the true story of how Winnie the Pooh came to be unfolds. The movie is opening Oct. 13 in select theaters. It will follow the storyline of the relationship between A.A. Milne—the renowned author of Winnie the Pooh—and his son. The film will reveal the aftermath of the overwhelming success of Milne’s books on his family.


“Happy Death Day”

The movie of the month, “Happy Death Day” is the embodiment of the spookiness of October. With its release date set on Friday, Oct.13, “Happy Death Day” screams horror. The film features a college sorority girl who supposedly has the perfect life until the day she gets murdered. She finds herself waking up on the same day everyday—the day when she is killed. She is forced to relive this day until she can figure out who killed her and why.


“The Mountain Between Us ”

Debuting Oct. 6, “The Mountain Between Us” is a drama that is sure to take viewers to an emotional high.  The movie follows the fight for survival of two strangers who are stranded in the mountains after a tragic plane crash. The two must figure out how to navigate the merciless terrain of the snow-covered peaks without meeting their demise. With nobody aware that they are stuck in the mountains, the two strangers are left to fend for themselves and must set out on a dangerous journey to find safety once again.

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