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The power of music: automatic mood changer

Have you ever noticed how powerful music really is? Music has the power to pump you up for a workout or chill you out for bed. It just has a way of helping to get you in whatever mood you want to be in. 

If I am getting ready to work out, I have a special playlist I listen to, which may or may not include “Moves Like Jagger,”—not just by Maroon 5, but also the remix with Christina Aguilera & Mac Miller—and “Professional Rapper” by Lil Dicky. I mean, come on, those songs could get anyone pumped for a workout. 

Sometimes when I just want to dance around my room like the complete clumsy fool I am, I will put on some Fergie Ferg and get my groove on. If anyone ever saw me through my window it would probably look like I was having some chaotic fit. If you see someone who looks completely lost and moving in the most awkward ways, it is me: no doubt. Honestly, I just have no rhythm but I love to dance, so watch out for me on those “crazy” Saturday nights.

Everyone, even the happiest of people, have down days and you can bet your pretty penny that there are songs for the days you just want to eat cookie dough and cry while watching your favorite movie. When I just want to be alone, I’ll throw on some Sam Smith and just let it all out to my pillow or cat, whichever is closest. 

Of course, there are those songs for when you actually are in a fit of rage and just want to tear stuff up. When you’re angry, it’s like certain songs just come on to make you feel slightly better. “Worst Behavior” by Drake just gets me even more pumped when I’m in a pissed-off mood. Machine Gun Kelly always gets me hyped when I’m in a mood, and “The Gunner” is a great one that’ll have you raging. 

Aside from the negative moods, everyone has great days where they just feel like they’re winning at life. Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj put out a song called “Bom Bidi Bom” and it always puts a smile on my face: it has such a happy beat. “Show Me The World” by Hippie Sabotage has such a chill, happy beat that will, for sure, make your day even brighter. 

Then the best songs of all—the songs that no matter when they come on, you just have to sing along to them. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you will sing along to it and it will most likely be stuck in your head for a week. These songs you just have to play on long car rides or when you have your shower concerts. “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weekend is a prime example: I know every single word and I probably know the song backwards. Any Timberlake song will always get me singing at the top of my tone-deaf lungs.

Music has been so powerful for decades now; I don’t know what I would do without it. 

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