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TWU’s Blagg-Huey Library


The Blagg-Huey Library has one of the largest collections of women’s history in Texas, the southwest and the United States. There are several other collections presented in various places throughout the library; You can see the history of the W.A.S.P.s, Women Air Service Pilots, who have served in the U.S. by visiting the second floor. There is also an extensive list of resources available to students.

Need a place to study quietly? The library has quiet study areas that are located throughout the library and are first come, first serve. If you need something more secluded or want a room for you and your study group, there are always reserved rooms you can request.

Students, staff and faculty can check out Windows laptops and Chromebooks at the main circulation. There are also headphones and mics to go with them, but they are limited. Earbuds can be purchased for $4. Students are also allowed to add an additional four hours to their check-out time following the initial time limit.

TWU’s library has an assortment of CDs, DVDs, VHSs and audiocassettes you can check out. For audio media, you can keep the borrowed item for up to three weeks. For visual media, the longest you can keep it is two weeks.

The library has both books you can check out at the circulation desk and eBooks that are available for you to upload. Additionally, every registered student of TWU has access to a wide range of databases such as JSTOR and Teacher Reference Center. Visit to start your research.

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