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Fit and Rec offers more than you know

The Lasso sat down with Interim Executive Director of Fitness and Recreation Dr. Beth Palmer, to talk about TWU’s Fitness and Recreation center. 

Palmer said she is responsible for “leading and managing the department of Fitness and Recreation, with particular emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle.” She was enthusiastic about the interview and had a lot of things to share about the Fit and Rec center.

Palmer was adamant about the necessity for students to seek involvement in some form or fashion at the center, “Getting regular exercise isn’t just good for making you feel better; it provides important cognitive benefits that can help you with your studies.”

The center features a wide arrange of workout machines and cardio treadmills. Beyond the machines, however, the Fit and Rec center incorporates many sports and activities into the program for students.

For those interested in yoga, there is Sunrise Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga and many other forms held at various times to fit students’ busy schedules and expertise levels.

Need relief for that neck pain from sitting hunched over at your desk during a lecture? Well, there are Refreshing Fridays held every Friday between 1 and 3 p.m., which offers you a chance to get a free five to ten-minute massage from Licensed Massage Therapist Lauren Durousseau in the Fit and Rec Lounge. It is on a first come, first serve basis.

On Oct. 16, the center is hosting the intramural dodgeball tournament. For this event, you need to register by Oct. 10 with a team or as a free agent. On Nov. 15, the center is hosting its intramural battleship tournament. Register yourself as participant, or just come to watch. There are many other types of intramural leagues you can join such as volleyball or softball.

There are many benefits to working out. As Palmer pointed out, “Exercise improves memory retention as well as increasing focus and concentration, and all to help you ace your exams!” Furthermore, Palmer said “Exercising boosts your mood and is a healthy way to help relieve stress…not to mention helping to keep off unwanted pounds!”

So what are you sitting around for? Get up and go visit TWU’s Fit and Rec center, and start the path to a healthier you.

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