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Rachel Iacobucci’s faith fuels success and service


Senior Communication Sciences and Disorders major Rachel Iacobucci is far from the ordinary TWU student.  n fact, her accomplishments, not to mention her schedule, border on ridiculous. In addition to serving as the current Student Regent, she is a Terry Scholar and an Honors student, served as Student President, studied abroad in Italy, volunteered on multiple mission trips in South America and she is Vice President of the Student Organization of Communication Sciences, which is currently raising money to provide speech and hearing services to a community in Zambia: all of this on top of her job. When confronted with the sheer absurdity of her efforts, Iacobucci humbly chuckled, “Yes, I’m really busy, but I’ve come a long way with time-management skills, thankfully. I’m just like any other college student.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Driven by Faith

Faith drives Iacobucci’s passions, and it is something she always makes time for: “I try to make sure I take some time for myself and some time for God every day, because if I’m too busy for that, then I’m too busy.” Her favorite organization is Fellowship of Catholic University Services. FOCUS has become a foundation of support for Iacobucci. “Even if I got really busy or just didn’t go, those people were still there, and they were still encouraging me, and (for me) that resembled a lot of how God is too.”

It is through FOCUS that Iacobucci completed mission trips to Trinidad and Tobago. “The mission trip was just so eye-opening; we got to spend time with the sick and got to play with them and just be with them, and we went to an orphanage for children with special needs. . . It reminds me that when I get stressed here, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter because I have so many people that love me, and who I love,” said Iacobucci. She is planning on returning to mission this summer.

Student Regent:

Emphasis on “student”

As Student Regent, Iacobucci does her best to represent the needs of her classmates, and she is encouraged by the experience thus far. “They really listen, which I really didn’t expect. Every time I’m there, they ask me what I think or what the students would think; that’s been really cool to see… how much they all care about not just the administrative part, but the students themselves.”

As a COMS major, much of Iacobucci’s mission work has been applied towards growing in that field. Iacobucci has been working with kids with autism and special needs since she was 12. “I really love working with those kiddos. I love working with central skills and just helping them out however I can,” said Iacobucci.  he plans to attend graduate school when she completes her undergraduate program this spring, and TWU is among her top choices; so if it’s lucky, TWU will get to hold onto Iacobucci for a few more years.

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