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Stress Seminar

TWU looks out for student health

Heather Hines, Reporter

creditonlinemindfulnessWhile the spring semester trudges on, TWU knows that students’ minds are turning to tests, quizzes, midterms and dreaded group projects. To help students cope with their stress, Student Health Services will host an online seminar called Mindfulness for Stress via Blackboard.

The seminar will be available to students all semester long and students can start whenever they want. The course has been divided into eight sections and students can complete the course at their own pace.

Assistant Director of Health Promotion, Sonia Redwine explains: “What we know about our college students at TWU and about college students everywhere, is that stress keeps popping up. Stress is something that impacts students in how they’re learning and how they’re doing in class.”   

The Mindfulness for Stress program has existed at TWU since 2014, however this will be the first year the program can be accessed fully online. TWU has continued teaching students how to use mindfulness because of its ability to help students focus in class, retain information and lower anxiety.

Redwine expanded: “What we hope is whether it’s through our online mindful course, or through some of our workshops, or other materials that we have distributed [students] are able to take a little bit of time for themselves
and rejuvenate.”   

To get involved with the seminar, students should sign in to their Blackboard account, search ‘health promotion mindfulness and stress’
in the organizations tab, request enrollment and wait to be accepted.

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