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De-Stress with Stress Less

Around this time of the semester , students start to burn-out. Thanksgiving break can not possibly get here fast enough. There is no way that there is even enough hours in the day to get your pre-finals work-load done, so you might not even get to enjoy your break anyway.            

Degree deadline

Taking more than four years to finish college does not reflect badly on you Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor I’ve spent the last four years stressing over classes with my head in books, and I am still not graduating on time. While my fourth year in college is coming to a close and graduation

Stress Seminar

TWU looks out for student health Heather Hines, Reporter While the spring semester trudges on, TWU knows that students’ minds are turning to tests, quizzes, midterms and dreaded group projects. To help students cope with their stress, Student Health Services will host an online seminar called Mindfulness for Stress via Blackboard. The seminar