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Halloween Safety Tips

Matt Olson, Copy Editor

PrintHalloween is an enjoyable holiday for children of all ages. Some people choose to stay in, watching scary movies and passing out candy. A large number of people decide to go out to celebrate. For those people, here are a few tips to make your Halloween safe and fun.

  1. Know your area. No one needs to get lost on Halloween. Be familiar with the area you decide to visit. If you are driving, then make sure you are aware of your surroundings.
  2. Have a friend or a group to celebrate the holiday with. Whether trick or treating or partying, keeping a friend or group of friends around is a good idea in general.
  3. Wear bright reflective clothing or something easily visible in the dark. Be on the safe side. Streets can be busy, especially on Halloween, and drivers are not always as attentive as they should be with so many distractions. Flashlights can be helpful too.
  4. Check your treats. Whether getting candy or something adult from someone else, make sure that you know that it is safe and from a reliable person.
  5. Party responsibly. Be smart. Avoid drinking and driving. Uber is readily available for anyone with a smart phone.
  6. Have a phone in case of emergencies. Though no one wants a Halloween emergency, in the event that one occurs, you should have a fully charged phone so that you can call a friend or emergency services as need be.

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