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A senior’s tips on getting through college

Having only one semester left in college tends to make one reflective of the time spent there. I’ve been in college since Fall 2010, making my total time in college close to seven years. Don’t even get me started on why it took so long. But, having had a pretty

10 security tips for students

The risk of security breach increases with each new account students open online. Online technologies will become more prevalent as students transition into the professional realm. With this transition in mind, students should develop strong security measures to protect the data belonging to their organization and themselves.     Use Unique Passwords A

Passion Planner

At the beginning of the semester, professors often encourage their students to purchase a planner of some sort to record assignment and test dates. As your peer, to say I highly recommend the Passion Planner is quite an understatement.  Not only does the Passion Planner have a monthly, weekly and even

10 Back To School Tips

A new semester can be challenging to freshmen and upperclassmen alike. Proper preparation with the appropriate tools will help students overcome obstacles during the academic year. 1. Layout a calendar based on class syllabus Procrastination can hinder students’ success. An overview of deadlines and exam dates will help students build a

Halloween Safety Tips

Matt Olson, Copy Editor Halloween is an enjoyable holiday for children of all ages. Some people choose to stay in, watching scary movies and passing out candy. A large number of people decide to go out to celebrate. For those people, here are a few tips to make your Halloween safe