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Enrollment numbers

Increase from last spring

Nadiyah Suleiman, Page Editor

Spring enrollment for 2016, based on introductory 12th class day data, is 14,524 students. Dispersed between the three campuses, 11,780 students are on the Denton campus, 1,386 in Dallas and 1,358 are on the Houston campus. Undergraduates make up 9,521 students, and 5,003 are graduate students.

Compared to spring 2015, spring 2016 enrollment saw a 2.2 percent increase in the numbers. Spring 2015 enrollment was 14,210 with 9,096 undergraduate students and 5,114 graduate students. 11,517 of the students enrolled at the Denton campus, 1,344 at the Dallas campus, and 1,349 at the Houston campus.

However, spring 2016 is a decrease from fall 2015. Fall 2015 enrollment set a new TWU record with 15,303 students. It was also the first time undergraduate enrollment exceeded 10,000 students with a staggering 10,082 undergraduates and 5,221 graduate students. The Denton campus had 12,557 students enroll, the Dallas campus had 1,389 students, and the Houston campus saw 1,357 students enroll.

Spring 2016 also saw an increase of 1.5 percent of semester credit hours from spring 2015. Spring 2015 had 140,942 credit hours, and spring 2016 had 142,996 credit hours. Fall of 2015 had 152,974 credit hours overall. The overall student credit hours determine TWU’s state funding rather than the enrollment numbers.

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