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Karen Wylie is a student, mother and a leader

Senior General Studies major Karen Wiley is a non-traditional student who knows what she wants. Wiley makes it a point to be involved on campus in celebration of being a non-traditional student. Being President of Alpha Sigma Lamba and vice-president of the community council for Lowry Woods on top of having

8 TWU volleyball players recovering from hospitalization

Update - August 29  Late Friday, Aug. 26, the seventh Pioneer volleyball player was released from a Denton hospital. The final student-athlete was released from her hometown hospital on Sunday, Aug. 28. Also late on Aug. 26, the Athletics Department and volleyball team were notified of head volleyball coach Shelly Barberee’s

Dentonites join the nation in BLM movement

A recent Denton high school graduate organized a Black Lives Matter protest on July 11. Members of the community came forward to participate in the peaceful protest on the iconic Denton Square. Counter-protesters also appeared at the scene toting their own signs. Photo by Sierra Taylor

Lightning ignites fire at Lone Star

Weather causes damage to University apartments, 16 students lose everything and 45 students were temporarily displaced Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor Firefighters were called to TWU’s campus in the early morning Wednesday, March 20, when a fire started at TWU’s off-campus Lone Star Apartment buildings. Students were evacuated from their homes at 600 Texas

Enrollment numbers

Increase from last spring Nadiyah Suleiman, Page Editor Spring enrollment for 2016, based on introductory 12th class day data, is 14,524 students. Dispersed between the three campuses, 11,780 students are on the Denton campus, 1,386 in Dallas and 1,358 are on the Houston campus. Undergraduates make up 9,521 students, and 5,003 are