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Education Abroad offers students opportunities for growth

Harlaxton College Photo by Jordan Kiefer
Harlaxton College
Photo by Jordan Kiefer

Students can gain professional experience and expand their career options by traveling abroad. The Education Abroad program seeks to meet the needs of each student wanting to further their education in another country.


Students seeking more information about studying abroad can attend to the Education Abroad Fair Wed., Oct. 26 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the second floor of the Student Union. Students can speak with partners of the Education Abroad program to find information on specific programs. The event also includes a panel of past education abroad alumni to provide students with a first-hand account of the experience.


The program works with partners around the world to fit students’ academic schedules and family obligations by creating a number of diverse programs and customizing internship options. In the job market, skills learned abroad could help students improve their career outlook after graduation.


Director of Education Abroad Annie Phillips said: “We are here to help the students really identify what programs meet the goals they’re trying to meet… There are so many skills that you learn while you’re living abroad that really gives our [study abroad] students an advantage.”

In other countries, students may face a totally different academic experience from the way they’re tested to the way content is delivered. Students can also travel to see study other cultures, buildings and art that is related to their major.


Financial aid can be used towards an education abroad experience. The Education Abroad office also assists students in finding internal scholarships like the International Education scholarship.


“It takes hard work, it takes a lot of creativity and thinking about how [students] can round up these funds, but it’s definitely do-able.” Phillips said.

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