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Education Abroad offers students opportunities for growth

Students can gain professional experience and expand their career options by traveling abroad. The Education Abroad program seeks to meet the needs of each student wanting to further their education in another country.   Students seeking more information about studying abroad can attend to the Education Abroad Fair Wed., Oct. 26 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Internship on Emerald Isle

Sixteenth century architecture soared upward, blue sky, a cool summer breeze and Irish accents rushed past Alyssa Gaynor’s ears as she walked to her office across Trinity College’s Dublin campus. Gaynor, a senior Math major, spent two months of her summer in Dublin, Ireland as an intern to the Health Policy

Pioneers make a journey among the first

When Cuba’s borders opened to America this year, two TWU staff members were some of the first eager travelers to visit the Caribbean country formerly banned.    Terrie Wilhite, a part-time staff member at TWU, stated: “Cuba was not on either of our bucket lists, but it just seemed like the

Single and wanderlust stricken millenial

The importance of experiencing traveling alone Amber Robertson, Page Editor Travel. The word conjures images of foreign lands, unfamiliar languages, and endless possibilities. In the generation of millennials , it’s very common to be stricken with wanderlust. But the number of us that actually travel is pretty low. Why is that? According to

Take a trip outside your comfort zone

Summer is a time of thrill-seeking adventure, yet often we are discouraged from traveling alone. The various reasons include safety, expense, and the social stigma of being seen without a partner or close friends. This last reason in particular seems to keep even the most adventurous individual from taking exciting