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Oaktopia 2016

Note: Click to the left and right of photos to navigate the gallery Thursday, Sept. 22 Gallery credit: Tabitha Gray Gallery credit: Emily Nickles Friday, Sept. 23 Gallery credit: Tabitha Gray Gallery credit: Emily Nickles Saturday, Sept.23 Gallery credit: Emily Nickles  

Recapping “The Root”

  Last Friday night, the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center in downtown Denton was transformed into an eclectic manifestation of fashion statements, projection art, performances and installations. The PAAC housed “The Root: Alternative Fashion Showcase,” the first fashion show in the history of Oaktopia Music Festival.   Experience Director Ashley Whitby brought the festival’s narrative

Meet Raechelle Robles

Senior Kinesiology major Raechelle Robles will be walking across the stage in May. A dedicated and energetic individual, Robles plans on going to Physical Therapy School after she graduates. Robles states that her years at TWU have been a journey, calling it both: “exciting and challenging.” Having been involved in

Trump vs. Clinton: Round 1

On Sept. 26 the first 2016 presidential debate took place at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. The 90 minute debate was split into 3 sections: Achieving Prosperity, America’s Direction and Securing America. Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton each had 2 minutes to answer questions asked

The Magnificent Sell-Out

    If you like happy endings, you can skip this film. But if you like movies with endless violence and human and animal deaths at every turn, this one’s for you.   The Magnificent Seven is a modern day remake of a 1960 classic western that has enchanted movie-goers for decades. My father

2016 Women in Commerce

Women in Commerce has partnered with TWU again this year to present the fall luncheon and business showcase entitled: Now You’re Talking – Making Communication Your Super Power on Friday, Sept. 23 from 11 a.m. to 1:30pm at Hubbard Hall. The sold-out event, according to the Denton Chamber of Commerce,

Not your mama’s feminism

All is Fair in Rape and White Privilege What do Brock Turner and Lena Dunham have in common? They’re both rapists. The difference being, Lena Dunham is still worshipped as one of the golden-girl, white feminist icons. Turner, after facing up to 14 years for raping an unconscious woman behind a

Satirical news media

Satire has been a much-loved part of the world for many years and while some consumers simply find satire entertaining, it also serves a purpose. Satirical news media uses humor as a tool to inform and enlighten its audience. Mostly, satire is used to mock a situation or person to

Visiting Scholar profile

Arriving from Barcelona, Spain April, Dr. Juan Leyva-Moral is the most recent visiting scholar to study at the TWU Houston campus. With the help of Associate Nursing Professor, Dr. Joan E. Edwards, Dr. Leyva-Moral is studying Latina Women Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (LWHIV) in the Houston area and how this affects

Interview with SGA president

Madison Thompson, a graduate Occupational Therapy student, will represent TWU’s Dallas Student Government Association as President in the 2016-2017 school year. Thompson said: “I really like what SGA represents. I like that we’re a proponent for the students and we represent them. I like that we have the ability and the