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Meet Raechelle Robles

Senior Kinesiology major Raechelle Robles will be walking across the stage in May. A dedicated and energetic individual, Robles plans on going to Physical Therapy School after she graduates.

Robles states that her years at TWU have been a journey, calling it both: “exciting and challenging.” Having been involved in the Athenian Honor Society, Student Union Board (SUB), Campus Based for Family and Life, and working as both a Student Assistant for the Student Union, and a PT tech at Denton Orthopedic Therapy Center, she is incredibly thankful for her support system stating that: “my family, friends from Youth for Family and Life, her roommates, and most importantly God’s will and protection over me throughout my years in college” have meant so much. She also argues that her monthly calendar and post-it notes have helped with organization and 6:30 a.m. workouts get her pumped for the day.

A dedicated student, Robles has many accomplishments to her name such as having helped make Campus Based for Family and Life an official organization on campus, pioneered the Pinterest Party as a program for SUB and Campus Activities Board, and received the Dr. Richard Nicholas Outstanding Student Leader Redbud Award.

Her time at the university holds great memories for Robles. Some of her favorite memories include playing Spoons, finishing a puzzle with Honors friends and panicking because there was no milk during the Icepocalypse in her first year, understanding more about her leadership style, and being an Impact Facilitator and “getting to work on an incredible team.” Robles has pursued different leadership roles since coming here such as being the President of SUB and CBFL, a Lead Family Weekend Ambassador, and being a mentor for the first-year students of AHS. Through the Athenian Honor Society, she also had the opportunity to go on an amazing trip to Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. Robles states that the best past of the trip was “being surrounded by the beautiful snowy mountains and nature.”

TWU has also offered Robles the chance to participate in opportunities that are very important to her such as being a referee for Special Olympics basketball. She states that she has “gained many hands-on experiences working with people, especially geriatrics, children, students with disabilities and more” through programs such as the Friday Swim Program and Adaptive Physical Education.


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