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2016 Women in Commerce

Women in Commerce has partnered with TWU again this year to present the fall luncheon and business showcase entitled: Now You’re Talking – Making Communication Your Super Power on Friday, Sept. 23 from 11 a.m. to 1:30pm at Hubbard Hall. The sold-out event, according to the Denton Chamber of Commerce, promises to: “Promote the growth and development of Denton-area businesswomen through initiative that increases access to resources, professional and personal development, and networking.”

This year’s Women in Commerce speakers, Director of Education Abroad Annie Phillips and Chair of Department of Psychology and Philosophy Dr. Shannon Scott, are set to talk about the importance of effective communication as women, especially in regard to businesswomen and women in leadership roles. As women of TWU, Scott says that the Women in Commerce showcase is “…something that [she and Phillips] feel really passionate about and it’s a way that we can kind of give back and kind of pay it forward.” Scott and Phillips both say that they want to empower women, starting with recognizing their strengths and areas of improvement. Scott also says that she will be focusing on “…giving very practical tips for how to accomplish the different goals that oftentimes you have as a female leader, either in business or the academic setting.”

Successful Denton businesswomen will be at the event to sell their wares and network with students. Not only will students get to shop, they’ll be able to glean inspiration from women who have already forged their own path. Scott shared: “I think it’s very important that you don’t define success for other people, that it’s our own personal reflection on what we want to accomplish”. Phillips adds: “For me… success is just being able to feel like I had a positive impact – even in my little tiny corner of the world.” Women in Commerce does push for women to pursue leadership roles, however, the skills students will take with them from this luncheon can are applicable to pretty much every aspect of their lives. Phillips says: “The things that we’re talking about apply to every context in life, it’s not just for business leaders. This applies to being a better mom, a better sister, a better friend, a better student.” Every student who attends will gain useful life skills, regardless of whether you plan on going into business or not.

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