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Voting laws in Texas

In November of 2016, students will be faced with the decision of having to vote, but first they must be registered in their state and county.

Students must register to vote in the general election before Oct. 11, 2016. If you are registered in another county and want to vote in Denton, you must fill out a new card declaring a change of address.

You may register to vote in Denton County on the TWU campus in the Resident Halls, Commuter Lounges, Student Union Office and the Civility Office. Students in Dallas and Houston may register to vote in the Student Life Offices. Once you have registered you will receive a carbon receipt confirming you have registered to vote, do not lose this. You will also receive your Voter Registration Certificate within 30 days of registration by mail.

In order to vote during the early voting dates or on election day you must provide one of the seven accepted forms of ID; A TX drivers license, TX Election Identification Certificate, US military ID, US passport, TX handgun license, Texas personal identification card or US citizenship certificate. All forms of ID must contain a photo for proper identification. If you are not able to provide any of the seven just bring one of the following; Valid voter registration certificate, certified birth certificate, copy of current utility bill, copy of bank statement, copy of government check, copy of paycheck, copy of government document with your name and an address.

If your voter registration certificate does not arrive in time for the general election deadline you may bring your confirmation certificate of registration with you to prove that you have registered to vote. If you cannot provide any forms of Identification ask for a “Provisional Ballot.” You then have six calendar days to provide proper identification to your local county voter registrar’s office. As an American citizen you have the right to vote and judges at voter booths cannot deny you a ballot or entry to the booth on or before the posted times.

Early voting is from Oct. 24 to Nov. 4, shuttles will be available for students. Election day is Nov. 11, and please remember an informed citizen is a productive citizen.

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