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Whispers In The Dark

Whether you know your way around pleasuring yourself or not, every girl needs to know how to masturbate. 

No Wrong Way

There is no one-way to masturbate, so anything that feels great for you is what you are suppose to be doing. The key is exploring your body and figuring out what you enjoy most.

Masturbation is great for everyone and once you know how to make yourself feel great, it will be easier to communicate to your partner.

Turn The Lights Down Low

Just because you are alone does not mean that you do not have to set the mood. Being relaxed and comfortable is the most important thing for exploring. You will never get the job done if you never get in the right mindset. You might like lighting some candles or even taking hot bath. Try watching some porn or reading an erotic story if you need to get your mind in the right place.

Dancing Circles

When getting down and dirty, start slow, you are not racing anyone. Using your fingers, try rubbing or pinching your clitoris. Find a rhythm and pressure you like and enjoy. Some women focus on only clitoral stimulation, however adding a good paced penetration might just be what you need. Remember to take it slow and feel out what you enjoy. Do not feel the need to force anything. It might be frustrating if you do not orgasm, but learning your body and what you like takes time.

Touch Yourself 

Remember to explore your body yourself and not just touch your vagina. Pay attention to your breast and play with your nipples. Your breast are a wonderful, sensitive zone that you should not ignore while masturbating.

Buzz Light Year

You might be intimidated, but sometimes your fingers do not always get the job done. Using a toy might be the jolt your alone time needs. There are a variety of things on the market to suit your wants. Do a little research online and find something that will work for you. The purchase will be worth it.

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