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Whispers in the Dark

pexels-photo-225017_Page_5_Image_0010When slipping between the sheets becomes drone, maybe slipping somewhere else is just what you need.

A great way to shake up your routine is by exploring different places to get down and dirty. Whether you are looking to try something new with your significant other or you just cannot wait to get to your room to hook up with someone, here is the good and bad of having sex in odd spaces.

We may not all be teenagers, but hooking up in cars can still have its upsides. By sliding the front seat back and lean it down, this can create the perfect angle for her to be on top. Depending on the car, the backseat might also be spacious enough for more activities. Even though you may be a little cramped, having sex in a car can be a great adventure. You can park your car anywhere you want, but just make sure you park somewhere no one can see you. The location of the car can be the best part, whether it is during a drive-in movie or in the middle of an abandoned parking lot. My advice is that the next time you need to run your car through an automatic car wash grab a buddy and hop in the backseat for a quickie.

When you are in a house or store full of people, a private bathroom might be the perfect place to bang one out. If you are not sure that you will enjoy having sex in public places, this is a great place to test the waters. The bathroom gives you a locked door and plenty of space to work with. Plus, if you get caught you can always use the excuse that someone was getting sick and needed help. Keeping with the idea of the bathroom, another place to get a little adventurous is in the shower. Many people find shower sex exhilarating, while other find it awkward and a little dangerous. Sure, water running down bodies seems steamy, but it is a little hard to get traction in a slippery place.

Getting kinky in the kitchen may be a little off-putting, but this one room on the house provides so many options. Rather than comfy blankets, the kitchen offers tables and countertops so you have plenty of space to delve into. Of course, you will want to clean the countertops and ditch the cutlery in the drawers first.

If you two are feeling a little acrobatic, a trampoline might be a great places to get to work. The draw to this is obviously the bounce, however with the bounce factor the risk of injury is serious. The best way to get the job done is to hold your bodies close and bounce gently. If you are looking for the air, but not the bounce, having sex in a hammock is something you should try out. Finding a balance is a little difficult, but once you get the hang of it, the full range of motion adds to the fun.

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