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Whispers in the Dark – Navigating hometown hook-ups

Photo by Chuck Greenslade
Photo by Chuck Greenslade

Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

With midterms ending and finals just around the corner, college students will soon be packing up their dorm rooms and heading back to home.

Spending breaks back in your hometown can be boring, but having a fling can be just what you need to add a little heat to your spring or summer.

Navigating the dating situation around your old stomping grounds can be treacherous, so here are a few do’s and dont’s for your hometown hook-up.

If you are feeling nostalgic and wanting to catch up with an old high school beau, the matters of the heart are to be considered. For whatever the reason for the break-up, moving across the state to two different colleges should have put it in perspective that you are not meant to be together. If you are still harboring feelings for your ex, meeting up with them might not be the best idea. A hometown fling is supposed to be fun and end as soon as you are back on campus. Although, if you simply want to see if making-out in the backseat with your ex is as much fun as it used to be, I say go for it.

Whether you spent four years flirting or if you have never actually had the courage to speak to them, an old crush is the perfect person to hook-up with while you are home. If you happen to end up at a house party with too many familiar faces, try convincing the cute guy from the grade above to be your beer pong partner. A new no-strings attached fling might be exactly what you need after a stressful semester. They might be your best hope for avoiding a romantic-drama while you are home. Try asking around to see what exactly your crush has been up to since you have left. Knowing what (or who) someone has been doing lately might save you a lot of drama in the end.

Hooking up in your hometown can be fun, but it is definitely a minefield. You may no longer share a zip code with these people, but what you do around them still affects you. Try avoiding people that might put you in an awkward situation. Even if you have always wanted to do it, kissing your best friends older brother might cause some awkward tension.

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