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TWU Scholarship Pageant

Sorority hosts competition to win cash for class

Heather Hines, Reporter

The African Students Organization will be hosting the first ever Miss TWU Scholarship Pageant on March 4, located on TWU’s Denton campus. Applications will be due to ASO by Feb. 4.

ASO has opened the doors for all female TWU students to compete, as long as they meet the established requirements. The winner of the pageant will be crowned Miss TWU and receive a scholarship. Two runner-ups will also be crowned.

Vice President of the African Students Organization Mutinta Mutuma explains: “We’re trying to find a young woman who is passionate about her education, passionate about her school, passionate about learning and wanting to give back to the community and be a part of TWU as more than a student.”

The TWU pageant will feature a talent show, traditional and formal wear portion, choreographed dancing from all the contestants and pageant platforms, where contestants will speak about issues they feel deserve more attention in society.

Mutuma added: “You don’t have to be a pageant girl. You don’t have to [have been] doing this since toddlers and tiaras. Go and try it; it’s a good way to make new friends, it’s a good way to learn about yourself and learn about how you can better your community around you.”

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