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TWU Gymnastics brings home 10th national championship

“As a team we were so in tune with our team it didn’t matter what the other teams were doing.”

-Senior All-around Katie Simpson


“All of the hard work, commitment, 6 a.m. conditioning, long hours in the gym, and many talks about what it would take to win a national championship were paying off. We were no longer talking about winning a national championship, we knew that we had done everything in order to win a national championship as a team.”

-Senior All-around Schyler Jones


“I was absolutely overwhelmed with emotion. It is hard to put it into words. It was just so incredible to know that all of the hard work had paid off. All along I have trusted and believed in the way that we were doing things and known that one day it would happen, but to be able to look at those girls and tell them that they had won, and to see the joy in their eyes, is something that I will never forget.” -Head Coach Lisa Bowerman

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