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TWU DPS: more than just officers

TWU police officers’ goal is to ultimately keep the campus safe. Outside of work, each officer has their own passions. Officer Justin Weathers is no exception. Weathers has a true passion for singing and has been singing since his freshman year of high school. He received several scholarships to multiple colleges and ended up finishing with his Bachelor of Arts in Music at Missouri Valley College.

“Singing, playing instruments, and music composition are definitely my passions,” Weathers said.

Having such a strong passion for singing landed Weathers the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at one of the Texas Rangers games. The Rangers dedicate one game to members of law enforcement. Weathers submitted a video of him singing, and luckily for him, the Rangers picked him to sing the National anthem. When asked if Weathers felt nervous about singing in front of his largest crowd he said, “For the first time in my music career, I wasn’t nervous at all during the performance. I was so excited, and all the adrenaline seemed to keep me calm and focused on the amazing opportunity I had.”

When asked how Weathers prepared he said, “I prepared by not allowing myself to over prepare. I just decided to trust myself and my experience.”

Weathers has been at TWU for roughly five months and says that he truly enjoys it.

“I love that each day is something completely new and different. I love that the department is a true family atmosphere, and each of the officers and civilian employees are treated with the same love and respect.” Weathers said.

With so much love and support from the community, Weathers says he is very grateful. “Not only did I have the chance to represent law enforcement across the nation, but I also had the amazing opportunity to represent TWU,” he said. “Special thanks to Sgt. Bundick for getting me this amazing opportunity! Thanks to TWU marketing, The Lasso, my brothers and sisters with the TWU DPS, my family and the entire TWU community!”

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