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The Statesboro Revue to perform in Fort Worth

Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

The latest album from the Texas-based Americana band The Statesboro Revue.
The latest album from the Texas-based Americana band The Statesboro Revue.

Southern rock band The Statesboro Revue is set to hit the stage at the Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth, Texas on Friday, Oct 9.

The band’s groovy Americana offerings provide a great-sounding Texas-based musical act that does not come off like a typical Texas band. 

Lead singer Stewart Mann stated: “I started the band in 2008, in the process of moving back from Los Angeles. I had the idea of creating a band that was a little more groovy regardless of genre of music. Just something people could dance to.”

Mann plays in the band with his brother and lead guitarist Garret Mann, along with bass guitarist Ben Bradshaw and drummer Kris Schoen. 

Mann shared his favorite aspect about the Texas music scene: “It’s so diverse and broad that you can get away with a lot more than if we were in another genre of music or another market.”

He added: “We’re kind of able to just be ourselves and write whatever comes to us. We don’t feel like we have to fit a certain market or style.”

Since the release of their new album “Jukehouse Revival,” The Statesboro Revue has recorded a music video for their first single “Undone” and just returned home from a 50-day tour across Europe. 

Mann said: “We absolutely love Fort Worth, we love the people there, and we love The Ranch. 95.9 has been really great in providing support for us and playing all of our singles since the beginning.”

According to Mann, Fort Worth has always been one of their favorite places to play  because he feels like they really get behind Texas music.

He elaborated: “Magnolia Motor Lounge has such a cool vibe to it for such a small music venue. That’s the thing; most bars we play like to think of themselves as music venues, but they’re really just bars that happen to have music in them. Magnolia bases everything around the music, which shows you that the priority is music.”

One of Mann’s favorite songs to perform is off their new album is “Tallahassee,” which was written off of a personal experience of the band. 

Mann shared: “On our way back from Miami, Florida we made it to Tallahassee and our van completely broke down. We were stranded there for two or three days before I wound up just buying a 1991 Dodge van and leaving our van in Tallahassee. We piled six guys and all of our equipment into the van and made the trek back to Austin.”

For more information on The Statesboro Revue’s next show visit their facebook page

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