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Staff Picks – Shows to binge watch

New GirlEmily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief 

Recently, I was looking to wind down, snuggle up with some blankets and watch mindless television. I turned on “New Girl,” starring Zooey Deschanel, one of my favorite actresses since seeing the incredible “Tin Man” miniseries (I highly recommend it). “New Girl” is that touch of delightfulness that everyone needs at the end of each day. Deschanel plays the effervescent, cutesy go-getter, Jess, who after her heart is broken, decides to moves into a loft she found on Craigslist with three other guys. The genuine, albeit odd friendships that develop through this series are quirky and almost believable. Watching their “coming of age” stories unfold pulls me back into the present and makes me think if I’m living my life to the fullest.

The_Walking_Dead_title_cardDavid Sweeten, Director of Student Union and Conference Services, Guest Writer

When looking for a good TV show, the escape factor is my number one ingredient. When I turn on the TV, I want action, drama, and a little chaos and in “The Walking Dead,” I found it. Oh sure, the introvert in me loves the eerily quiet towns and traffic-less highways, but what’s not to love about hordes of slow moving walkers, bad guys like Negan, prisoner zombies, cannibals and the occasional water zombie. My favorite characters include Daryl and Michonne, both are strong, loyal and not afraid to do the dirty work. So where is this band of post-apocalyptic survivors headed? Hopefully west to find our friends in “Fear The Walking Dead.”

Honorable Mention: “The Americans”

Switched-at-BirthJohnna Headley, Copy Editor

Recently, I finished the TV series that I was binge watching on Netflix, but I failed to realize that the final season – and my life – had been put on hold until 2017 (I am a little peeved). I had spent the past few months binge watching “Switched at Birth,” an American drama series aired on Freeform. “Switched at Birth” is about two Kansas families whose infant daughters were switched at the hospital. While the series has a strong main story line, I also enjoy concurrent story lines while binge watching on Netflix. After the two families learn of the switch and meet for the first time, the story lines immediately multiply. It is fun to watch two polar opposite families combine to form one, extremely complicated family and observe their experiences throughout the series.

Sabrina_the_teenage_witch-showAmber Robertson, Social Media Editor/Designer

Anyone who knows me knows that I binge watch a lot and that I have many favorites. Recently though, my go-to has been “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” on Hulu. It’s good for winding down or when I can’t handle a show I’m emotionally invested in like “The Walking Dead,” my other go-to and my absolute favorite show at the moment.

archer-logo-600x600Matt Olson, Copy Editor

“Archer” is my favorite TV series. The tangled web of in-jokes and obscure references, the uniformly excellent voice cast and even the surprisingly engaging animation all contribute to a consistently rewarding show. Repeat viewings even add to the experience, revealing jokes you missed the first time because you were too busy laughing at something else.

moviepilot.comNadiyah Suleiman, Page Editor

To be brutally honest, I have not binge watched a series in ages, simply because I do not have the time. I am always envious of friends who come back from a weekend of catching up on all their shows while I barely find the time to finish homework, eat and sleep. However, I still enjoy a good series and nothing stops me from bingeing a long list of shows over the summer. “Psych” is currently on the top of that list. I am on the second season and I just adore all the characters. The dynamic between Shawn and Gus is wonderfully funny. Shawn is quick-witted and sarcastic while Gus is this really dorky, prim and proper guy, and both of them are incredibly lovable. Their quirkiness parallels nicely with the sometimes serious police investigations they try to solve. I can be on the edge of my seat with suspense one second and laughing till I cannot breathe the next. Also, the theme song is awesome. My sadder, more serious recommendation would be “Lost.” I know, I know –it’s already completed. I have yet to finish this show because my sisters and I were watching it together and we no longer live close to one another, but we all refuse to watch it without each other. It’s unsettling, confusing, and utterly amazing.

unbreakable-kimmy-schmidt-review_serialsAmanda Hall, Reporter

By far, my favorite show to binge watch on Netflix is “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” “Unbreakable” is a comedy about a woman who had been held captive in a bunker for fifteen years and had moved to New York after being found. The show allows you to view exaggerated versions of society from the eyes of someone who had missed fifteen years of pop culture.

UnknownHeather Hines, Reporter

After watching my first episode of “The X Files” I had fallen in love. With a combination of amazing actors and even more talented writers and producers, the show creates a dynamic relationship between two FBI agents who solve incredible and unbelievable mysteries and seek to exploit a government conspiracy involving aliens throughout their nine seasons. “The X Files” should be on your list for a great summer binge.

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