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Staff Picks – Lasso staffers recommend their favorite restaurants in Denton

Taco_Cabana_Dallas_sign copyEmily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief 

While I admit that Taco Cabana falls short of the mark when it comes to authentic Mexican food, it is a cheapskate vegetarian’s dream. Their quesadillas are lightly grilled, filled with a balanced sprinkling of Colby Jack cheese and pico de gallo. At any fast food restaurant that totes Tex Mex or Mexican origins, I’m not likely to find a satisfactory mix of vegetables in the dishes, or ones that agree to my tastes. Taco Cabana has perfected a delectably sweet, yet tart flavor in their quesadillas. You can top it off with a dip in sour cream or guacamole to cool off the heat. They also have a decent outdoor patio so that you can enjoy the nice weather and shade while visiting with friends on a day out.

mrchopstick_zpsedtprr9c copySierra Taylor, Managing Editor 

When moving to a new town, one of the first things to look for is good Asian food. Whether you are looking for a fantastic, spicy bowl of Pho or Moo Shu Stir Fry that you can consume in one sitting, Mr. Chopsticks is the place. Unlike some Asian restaurants, the plates here are wonderfully fresh and made with high-quality ingredients. The atmosphere makes you feel relaxed while the waiters are so calm, they seem like they just got done meditating in the back. My go-to order is a bowl of Egg Drop Soup, which is consistently the best I have ever had, a spicy Chicken Pad-Thai, and side order of their perfectly crispy Eggrolls. I always leave satisfied, full and with a to-go box. Their Pad-Thai is still amazing the next day when I heat it up for lunch.

DSC_0134 copyJohnna Headley, Copy Editor

As many of you may know, Lone Star Attitude Burger Company is located on the south side of the square.  Their burgers are to die for and are quaintly named after famous musicians like George Strait, Willie Nelson and the Dixie Chicks. Along with their burgers, they have options like chicken tenders, salmon, soups, salads and even a vegetarian plate. They also have a good drink menu with Texas beers on draft, cocktails, wine, margaritas and more! If you plan to visit LSA on the weekends, try to catch them before dinner time, or you’ll have to wait an hour at least – but it is worth it.  The indoor seating is tight; however, there is patio seating on the rooftop, where they often have live music playing from local bands.

Loco_Cafe copyMatt Olson, Copy Editor

I love breakfast food, but I tend to dislike restaurant breakfast food; the bacon is floppy, the biscuits are stale, the eggs are bland, and the sausage is gross. Not so at Denton’s Loco Cafe. The breads are warm and moist while the meats are tender and juicy. I haven’t eaten at many Denton-exclusive places, but Loco Cafe is by and far my favorite.

192px-Panda_Express_logo.svgAmber Robertson, Social Media Editor/Designer

Being a broke college student limits your overall food options, but a favorite restaurant of mine is Panda Express. You can get a lot of flavor and a decent amount of food for just a few dollars, and even if it’s not authentic Chinese, it’s a good way to pretend that you have a more cultured palette.

57Amanda Hall, Reporter

One of the first places I went out to eat at as a freshman in Denton was Double Dave’s on University Dr, which is within walking distance of the dorms. The buffet has a wide variety offers and many choices for a student experimenting on a budget.

Double Dave’s offers a sporty feel with their giant TV, airing sports games such as football and baseball. On the weekends, many Little League players come in to celebrate their win, or comfort their losses with delicious pizza.

While the salad bar is nothing special, the dessert pizzas are the primary reason why I visit Double Dave’s. My favorite is the chocolate chip pizza. The chocolate chips are warm and melted, while the sugar and butter combine to create a crunchy sweet texture. It’s like an improved version of cinnamon sticks…with chocolate.

For people who aren’t sugar addicts, Double Dave’s offers a wide range of yummy and unique pizzas. One of my favorites is the BBQ chicken pizza that comes with a mild BBQ sauce instead tomato sauce. Another runner up is the spicy buffalo chicken. Spicy wing sauce, homemade dressing, and the grilled chicken slices make this pizza both a unique and perfect addition to a game day.

With these delicious options, students should definitely visit Double Dave’s.

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Nadiyah Suleiman, Page Editor

My new favorite restaurant in Denton is Mr. Frosty. It may not look like much from the outside with its faded rooftop and old-fashioned, unlit sign, but the inside holds amazing shakes and fresh cheeseburgers that will melt in your mouth. The atmosphere of Mr. Frosty gives me an overwhelming sense of being at home and I can’t help but fall in love.

imagesHeather Hines, Reporter

My favorite café in Denton, Zera Coffee Company, not only has wonderful food and drinks, but also uses their proceeds for a great cause. With convenient hours, a location very close to TWU and an awesome cozy setting, Zera’s is a great place to settle in for a while and enjoy a hot beverage. Customers can also have the satisfaction of knowing their payments are not wasted by a large cooperation, but used to fund The Denton Freedom House. This is a great place to study or hang out with friends.

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