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Staff Picks – Favorite Movies

Lasso staffers recommend their favorite movies

creditthebreakfastclubEmily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief 

The first movie I ventured to watch my first year in college was “The Breakfast Club.” Maybe it’s because the R-rating made it forbidden at home, or maybe it’s because I was an impressionable first-year, but this movie has become one of my fallback favorites. I love the high-stakes high school atmosphere, ‘80s fashions and random dance scenes. So maybe the identities portrayed in the film are tropified — I could care less because the script made me like them. The “brat pack” has since taken a hold on my heart. Many thanks to John Hughes for creating the franchise. I highly recommend watching this film, if not for laughter, at least because it is a lasting classic.

breakfastattiffanys1Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor 

Whenever I have had a bad day and I’m looking to unwind, I always snuggle up to watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”  Audrey Hepburn steps into the world of Holly Golightly and transform into the iconic, whimsically jaded party girl. The ever stylish Golightly is a force of nature determined to find a rich husband and have a good time doing it.  After moving into her building and attending one of Golightly’s parties, writer Paul Varjak spends the rest of the film falling in love with her and convincing her to marry him. To me, this movie is about finding where you belong in the world and how vulnerable some people are, no matter how hard they try and hide it.

JumanjiJohnna Headley, Copy Editor

One of my favorite movies is a Robin Williams classic – “Jumanji.” I have watched the board game spit out monkeys, a stampede of elephants and rhinos, the Venus Fly trap that takes up the entire town and the massive monsoon with my cousins for longer than I can remember. We would always play a board game afterwards, and I have to admit, sometimes I wished real board games were that intense and made the players finish the game – maybe then my cousins may actually finish a game we started. Considering the movie was made in 1995, the special and visual effects aren’t quite up to par compared to recent films. Nevertheless, “Jumanji” is a movie worth passing on.

10thingsihateaboutyouAmber Robertson, Social Media Editor/Designer

My all time favorite movie is “10 Things I Hate About You” for many reasons, but here are just a few. 1) Baby Heath Ledger. 2) Baby Heath Ledger singing and dancing. 3) The writing is incredibly quotable. One of my favorite lines is “Remove head from sphincter, then drive.”

Con_Air-637990007-largeMatt Olson, Copy Editor

I can’t quite pick a favorite movie, but “Con Air” is a movie I can watch at any point in time. Nicolas Cage’s exaggerated southern accent and John Malkovich’s over-the-top villain are mere icing on the cake for this epitome of ‘90s excess, filled with wall-to-wall action and dumb humor. Watching this movie, you won’t be able to put the bunny back in the box.

v-for-vendetta-movie-posterNadiyah Suleiman, Page Editor

Picking just one movie as my favorite is incredibly difficult. I like a range of movies from romantic flicks like “Ever After” and “The Princess Bride” to the guns-a-blazing western “The Sons of Katie Elder” and the classic action film “Die Hard.” To narrow it down to just one was painstakingly tedious and heart-wrenching (maybe I put a tad too much thought into this meaningless decision); however, after much internal debate – and torment – I finally settled on “V for Vendetta.” This film is just beautifully haunting; I get chills every time I watch it. I love the elegance in which V, the main character, articulates his ideas and thoughts. One of my many favorite quotes from this movie is: “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” He has profound lines that can leave me lost in thought for hours. I also find myself stuck in a flux of emotions during this film; I am heartbroken yet empowered, angered yet overwhelmed by compassion. I am continuously distraught yet thoroughly inspired. The ability for “V for Vendetta” to instigate so many different feelings and encourage deep thought is what makes me watch it over and over again, and that is what makes it such a great film.

gonegirlAmanda Hall, Reporter

My favorite movie is “Gone Girl” because it is dark and chilling without being too terrifying. It brings to life some of the most startling thoughts: “What if the person who I thought I knew, is someone completely different?” The movie has you guessing right up until the very end, and is wrapped up in a nice little horrifying bow.

sweet-home-alabamaMeagan Wright, Reporter

“Sweet Home Alabama” is one of those movies that every girl below (or even above) the Mason-Dixon line has loved and adored for at least some portion of their life. Because Reese Witherspoon is goals. Witherspoon is the epitome of a sassy southern belle, and who doesn’t melt over the line “So I can kiss you anytime I want?” while holding their pint of Blue Bell ice cream?

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