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Seven comes to campus

By: Heather Hines, Reporter

“Seven,” a powerful and inspiring play, comes to TWU’s RedBud Theater October 14-18. The production will be performed by students and directed by Associate Professor of Drama and Drama Program Director Dr. Patrick Bynane.

The play features the true stories of seven influential women who helped change their parts of the world.

Actors convey emotion of the play through movement.
Actors convey emotion of the play through movement.

Bynane shared: “These are stories we don’t hear every day, and these stories may be from women from other cultures, but the problems they are facing are those we are facing here in the U.S.”

He added: “The play focuses on global issues, but that doesn’t take away from its resonance here.”

“Seven” involves dance-like motions during the characters’ dialogue to emphasize the raw feelings accompanying these stories, yet this aspect of the production softens the blow for the audience, creating an atmosphere of hope.

Junior theatre education major and actor Selena Marie Flores said: “These are real stories with no sugarcoating. It’s inspiring that these women have fought this battle and continue to fight. It’s important to tell their stories.”

Performers explain their struggles and victories, using their fellow actors to strengthen the impact of their performance. The women may be on a stage full of people, but they tell their stories alone, representative of how their succeeded only because they were brave enough to advocate for change when few others were willing to help them.

Flores added: “It’s not just a show about women. It’s about looking at the reality of the world, not everywhere is like the world you grew up in.”

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