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Scholarships at TWU

TWU provides students with scholarship opportunities

Meagan Wright, Reporter

Scholarships have been one of the biggest resources of providing funds to students in order to attain a degree with little to no debt.

It is no secret to college students everywhere that with college comes a great education and a very big bill, depending on most cases.

Earning a scholarship has become accessible and obtainable through many different organizations and programs; however, students at TWU have additional, and convenient, access to scholarships provided directly through the university.

These scholarships, like TWU’s student body, come in all shapes and sizes, from partial to full ride scholarships, extended to everyone from incoming freshman to graduate students. Scholarships are offered for general academic achievements, honor students and also full ride scholarships like the state recognized Terry Foundation, extending full-ride funding to outstanding Texas high school graduates entering college.

TWU Terry scholarship recipient Kristen Maxwell said: “It literally gave me everything. I would not be in college if it wasn’t for [the foundation]. I don’t have to focus on paying off any school loans, so I can focus on bettering myself as an individual.”

Searching and applying for available scholarships can be done in the TWU Pioneer Scholarship System found in students’ Pioneer Portal account. Students are able to search through available scholarships for the upcoming semester, determine the scholarship amount and send in applications based on each scholarship’s recipient criteria.

TWU’s scholarship system is now open and currently taking applications for the next Fall 2016 semester, with the priority consideration deadline ending March 15. This opportunity for free funds are open to all new and returning students in the fall. Do not hesitate to save; simply send in an application, and see the daunting student debt bill possibly take a turn that one’s wallet will appreciate.

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