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Scholarships Abound

TWU Scholarship deadline is fast approaching

Emily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief

march9scholarshipsFinancial aid priority deadline and scholarship application deadlines are Tuesday, March 15. Though that is less than a week away, there is still time to sit down and complete the application process. In fact, it’s supposedly easier than ever before.

Up until the deadline, the scholarship application system link will be located on the TWU homepage. Students can also apply on the home page of their Pioneer Portal.   

Manager of Scholarships, Lisa Quinones pointed out that TWU’s scholarship system for applications has changed. TWU implemented a program last year called Academic Works, which acts as a vamped up STARS. Quinones explained in the new process students will fill out a general application first; this requires basic information that will help the program narrow down its search. 

Quinones then said to click on “the green circle with an arrow pointing to opportunities.” This is manifested as a literal green arrow pointing to the tab titled “opportunities.” Under this tab, the program lists the scholarships that students meet the criteria for. That being said, everything is narrowed down by major with a few exceptions to the rule.   

Three students who have successfully applied for scholarships in the past were interviewed by The Lasso to glean on their experience. 

Senior Psychology major with a concentration in Child Development Pre-Occupational Therapy Ronni Boyer has been the recipient of the TWU Honor’s Scholarship, the Deiker Scholar Award and the International Study Abroad scholarship.   

Boyer shared: “…We’re [my family] kind of in that middle ground, we don’t necessarily live comfortably, and we don’t make enough to cover tuition … I did come to TWU because I received the most scholarships and scholarship offers. It has made my three years here so much easier because of the help of scholarships.” 

Junior Kinesiology Pre-Occupational Therapy major Khaki Carr has been the recipient of the TWU Honor’s Scholarship and the Deiker Scholar Award. 

Carr related: “The experience is very easy. It tells you exactly which ones you are eligible for … They basically sit the scholarships in front of you, but you do have to go apply.” 

Carr decided to apply for scholarships based on family needs. She felt that when her younger sister went to college, it would make it easier on finances for her to apply for scholarships and help her parents out. 

Her advice for students looking to apply was: “Just do it. You may not get the biggest scholarship out there — you may not get the one you wanted, but I have yet to meet anyone who has ever walked away with no scholarship money.”

Sophomore Kinesiology major Edgar Cruz from the local metroplex has been the recipient of the Toward Excellence, Access and Success Grant, and the Mary Bryan and Tom C. Reitch Scholarship.    

Cruz shared: “I was introduced to Lisa Quinones through a friend of mine who graduated about four years ago. I guess she presented the scholarships in a way that wasn’t presented like back in high school. They were so easy and a lot simpler to apply [for] and not as much pressure. We went over Texas Grants and she helped me research the Toward Excellence.” 

Cruz described his experience: “It was definitely worth it in the end, and it paid off. And it’s the reason why I’m here. Otherwise I would have had to commute back and forth between Dallas — it saves some time and effort.” 

So what happens if you miss the deadline? Quinones stated that some opportunities may still be available after the major deadline; filling out the general scholarship application and routinely checking the student portal will help keep students updated on new information.

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